As Eko Supreme Resources Marks 20th Year


After 20 years in Nigeria’s highly competitive detergent market, Eko Supreme Resources, the makers of SoKlin and Good Mama detergents, has reaffirmed its commitment to innovation and quality products, writes Kasie Abone

EKO Supreme Resources Nigeria Limited, a manufacturer of detergent and home care products is 20 years in Nigerian market. Launched in Nigeria in 1996 with its flagship brand, Soklin, a first tier innovative white premium detergent powder containing high active Ingredients packaged in small sachets, the company has over time expanded its brand portfolio to include Good Mama.

According to the Managing Director, Mr. Hendra Sunardi, ‘Eko Supreme is technology-driven and has over time built a strong network of trade channels for its products across all regions of Nigeria. As of today, EKO Supreme brands (Soklin and Good Mama) are available in open markets, supermarkets, groceries, table tops and Kiosks pan Nigeria.’

Speaking at a press briefing held in Lagos, Sunardi reinterated the company’s commitment to delivery of quality products, which have value for money, that satisfy both the trade and discerning consumers. We will continue to be technology driven, innovate our processes and introduce products that meet the needs of the modern Nigerian consumer. Where other manufacturers are only concerned with the Bottom-line and reduce their quality standards, thereby disrespecting consumers; Eko Supreme will not. The company’s commitment to manufacturing high quality products as it strives to deliver to Nigerians products that would give value for their money.

“Eko Supreme will continually strive to incorporate advanced manufacturing technologies in the production of our brands as recently demonstrated with SoKlin’s recent reformulation, imbued with new stain magnet technology, a combination of broad spectrum enzymes that release and removes all dirt faster from cloth fiber giving brighter and cleaner wash. SoKlin now adorns a new pack upgrade with glossier and trendier look and feel, in tandem with its premium status and for maximum shelf appeal.” Sunardi reassured.

SoKlin, which was Eko Supreme Resources first brand was launched 20 years ago into the Nigerian detergent market. It was the first detergent brand to be presented in sachet as white color powder detergent. It contains high active ingredients that cater for Nigerians’ desire for high performance dirt removal till date.

Continuing, Sunardi further stated that Good Mama, introduced in 2009, has equally benefitted from these advanced technologies. The brand recently launched an additional Lemon variant, and is now fortified with improved cleaning power

Also, the Marketing Manager of the company, Mrs. Abimbola Alabi said that due to the increase in ownership and use of washing machines that cater for the busy lifestyle of the Nigerian consumers, Eko Supreme will soon launch low suds detergents for both top load and front load washing machine users, to meet their needs. This, she emphasised, was in line with the company’s strive for innovation and cardinal objectives of continuous improvement of their brands and introduction of high quality products that offer value and address the needs of the modern consumer.

She maintained that the milestones reached by the company in the past twenty years clearly underscore the unflinching drive to continually produce high quality detergents meet consumers’ ever-changing needs, despite the current harsh economic environment in the country, which has put huge pressures on manufacturers.

Mrs. Abimbola Alabi, nonetheless, took a subtle swipe at some competing brands, which might have reduced the quality of their products in the face of the current harsh economic situation, focusing more on making money by down grading their quality and cleaning power thus compromising the consumers’ satisfaction and ultimately shortchanging them. This she believed, showed disrespect and insensitivity to the consumers.

Due to the success recorded in the market within a short period, the company launched in 2009 Good Mama to cater for the needs of second tier segment of the detergent market. From one pack size in 2006 the SoKlin range is currently available in six pack sizes of 15g, 30g, 90g, 200g, 500g and one kg to offer consumers variety of choices. In addition, it possesses 30 percent active ingredients for greater cleaning efficacy, colour guard to protect coloured clothes, new stain magnet technology for better stain removal.

The new SoKlin formulation integrates an advanced, broader spectrum of Enzymes that work like Magnet to absorb and attracts stain from cloth fiber and then breaks them down. Good Mama also added two more variants for improved cleaning experiences, needs and standards of Nigerian consumers, especially in these times.