Anifowoshe: We Aspire to Be Number One Destination for Nigerians


Spur Family Restaurant Nigeria, a member of the Spur Steak Ranches International of South Africa, recently opened a new outlet in Lagos, in what the company described as a strategic expansion plan to spread its footprint across Nigeria and make world-class food and catering services available to more Nigerians. The Executive Director, Spur International Nigeria, Mrs. Ngozi Anifowoshe unveils the company’s plans to Eromosele Abiodun. Excerpts:​

Congratulations on the opening of Amazon Spur Family Restaurant. How do you feel being able to bring this project to a successful completion?

Thank you. It is very exciting to see Amazon Spur Family Restaurant open right in front of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a dream come true after all the hardwork and planning that went into the project. It is a beautiful store and a place to wine and dine with family and friends.

What factors and/or offerings do you think will differentiate Amazon Spur Family Restaurant from its competitors?

Amazon Spur Family Restaurant brings to the table the reputation associated with the famous Spur Steak Ranches brand. We are an international brand with strong local content. Remember that we are an African business. Our reputation is defined by the vast collection of great foods we have in our portfolio.  Among the lot, we have the legendary Steaks export quality beef, which is carefully aged and chargrilled with Spur basting, and served with your choice of French fries, jollof or fried rice or mashed potatoes.

We also have Spur ribs, sizzling grills and combos, sea food, chicken delights, and fresh crisp salads. Amazon brings so much variety that you are spoilt for choice. Note that we have our Nigerian swallow and other local delicacies in the menu. In a nutshell, we will continue to expand our food collections to meet the needs of our guests.

In line with Spur Steak Ranches International’s expansion strategy, are we likely going to see more restaurants established in Nigeria? Are you also looking at other cities outside Lagos?

Definitely; our fourth store will open in Lekki Mall by the middle of this year. We are also looking at spreading our footprint to Abuja, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Enugu and Ibadan. Nigeria is an important market for us. We are committed to the country’s social and economic development.

We have noted a variation in the naming of your outlets. What factors underline this practice? Will this approach not create confusion in the minds of people who may not link the restaurants to Spur Steak Ranches International?

You are right; every Spur restaurant has a unique name. Each of the 240 stores in South Africa has a unique name, just like the 29 international restaurants. The underlining principle is simple: the name creates distinctiveness for each store. So you call each store by name. That is very nice, I think. We have Seven Eagle Spur Family Restaurant at Ikeja City Mall, Golden Eagle Spur Family Restaurant at Isaac John Street, Ikeja and now Amazon Spur Family Restaurant.

About how many guests can accommodate Amazon Spur Family Restaurant at the same time?
The store accommodates a total of about 200 persons. The seating capacity is about 150 inside; the bar sits about 15, while the seat-out overlooking the Atlantic Ocean takes about 40 people.

Will your company be providing outdoor catering services to third parties as well as manage other events?

The Spur brand is about dining in-store and in the restaurant. Our sister company, Flavours Foods Limited, handles our outdoor catering services.

Your brand prides itself as being a family-dining franchise. However, your outlets are located in highbrow areas in Lagos. Does that suggest that it is not open to everyone?

I am not sure your assessment is right. Our stores are located in accessible locations for families to wine and dine.  The Ikeja City Mall, where we have one of our outlets, is located right in the heart of Lagos and accessible to virtually everyone. Also our store at Isaac John, GRA Ikeja, is very accessible. In addition, we offer meals to everyone, regardless of your social or economic class. In our words, our prices are very affordable; and within the reach of everyone.

We have heard people describe fine cooking and tasting as an art. To what extent is this true?

This is true for Amazon Spur Family Restaurant and all the other Spur Restaurants here in Nigeria and elsewhere. The making of all the food, from sizzling appetizers to our fresh crisp salads and chicken delights, our legendary steaks and Spur Ribs grills and combo are definitely an art. The making of delicious meals certainly requires considerable creativity and craftsmanship, through to how the food is served and the setting where it is taken. As the level of sophistication in any society increases, so will be the dexterity and innovations required in meeting those needs. We invite everyone to come hungry and satisfy your hunger with good quality delicious food at Amazon Spur Family Restaurant.

Can you give us an insight into your plans for the next five years?

We want to roll out the Spur Family Restaurant in most states in our beloved country, Nigeria. We desire that the Spur Family Restaurant will be the number one destination for Nigerian families cutting across different social strata.

You are better known as the Managing Director of Flavours Foods Limited, another top class catering and event consulting services. Can you enlighten us on the relationship between both organisations?

Flavours Foods Limited and Spur Family Restaurant have basically the same owners; so they are sister companies. While the Spur brand is about dining in-store, Flavours Foods Limited handles our outdoor catering services.

Can we formally meet Ngozi Anifowoshe? We understand you trained as a lawyer, but seem to have a passion for the food business.

I first qualified as a lawyer from the University of Benin in 1984 and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1985 as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Although I practiced law for the initial years, I chose a career path in the hospitality industry. I am a Certified Food Operator with Spur Steak Ranches of South Africa. I am fully trained in food handling, hygiene and management procedures in food business, in both front and back of house procedures.  I am a member of the International Caterers Association (ICA). I am married to Toyin Anifowoshe and we are blessed with four children.