GTBank, Ijaiye Road, Ogba, Lagos



By Nume Ekeghe

This branch is situated at Ijaiye Road, Ogba, which is both a residential and commercial area of Lagos. This is a relatively new branch to support the usual human traffic in the other branch situated on this road.

Inside this new branch, the interior as well as its exterior are very spacious, well organised and indeed it appeared to be one of the best looking banking structures visited recently.

At the entrance, there are eight ATM machines, with four of them dispensing cash. And on the day of this observation, there were seven staff members attending to withdrawals, cheque deposits, pin collection and three others attending to cash deposit. Also on the floor above were four customer service personnel.

The services at this branch were mixed. The tellers collecting monies were fast at accepting deposits, while the tellers for withdrawals and other services were slow, as a result, queues kept piling up. Also, the customer service personnel upstairs were also slow in attending to customers. It takes up to one hour to attend to one customer, who came to resolve an issue in this branch.

Also, a customers who frequently patronise this branch complained bitterly that the ATMs usually don’t dispense cash. Also, the other GTBank close to this branch and the one at Ojodu, often have similar problem with dispensing funds from the ATM machines and it is worst during evening hours, weekends and festive periods. This branch is beautiful but its services are poor. The management of the bank should ensure the ATMs are working at all times.