Reveal Findings of Chibok Abduction Panel, Shettima Challenges Jonathan

Shettima, a member of the delegation

Michael Olugbode in Maiduguri

Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, has challenged former President Goodluck Jonathan to reveal the findings of the committee he constituted to investigate the abduction of Chibok schoolgirls.
Shettima was reacting to a press release by former President Jonathan’s media aide, Ikechukwu Eze, which hinged the abduction of the Chibok schoolgirls on the poor choices made by him.

Eze had in the press release asked Governor Shettima to tell Nigerians whatever he knew regarding the April 14, 2014 abduction of over 200 schoolgirls by Boko Haram after the terror group’s attack on Government Secondary School, Chibok.
A statement signed by Borno State Commissioner of Education, Hon. Musa Kubo, in Maiduguri on Saturday, said: “Nigerians should ask Jonathan why he concealed report of his own fact-finding committee.”

Kubo, who was amongst those interrogated by the Jonathan’s Fact-Finding Committee on Chibok schoolgirls abduction, said: “Rather than direct spurious allegations against Governor Kashim Shettima on controversies surrounding abduction of Chibok schoolgirls, the media aide should ask his principal, President Goodluck Jonathan, why he deliberately concealed report of a Presidential Fact-Finding Committee he constituted and inaugurated on Tuesday, 6th of May, 2014 and which submitted report of findings to him on Friday, 20th of June 2014.”

Kubo said: “For the purpose of records, Eze and his colleagues are pointing towards the wrong direction, they should ask their principal, President Goodluck Jonathan, why he deliberately refused to make public, the report of a committee he constituted, inaugurated and received their findings on facts surrounding the Chibok abduction and who is to blame for it.

“To refresh their minds, on Tuesday, the 6th of May, 2014, President Jonathan had inaugurated multi-agency/stakeholder fact-finding committee under the chairmanship of Brig. General Ibrahim Sabo (rtd), a one-time Director of Military Intelligence, and secretary of the Committee was from the Niger Delta. President Jonathan singlehandedly selected all members of that committee which included representatives of the UN, ECOWAS, retired and security officers from the Army, DSS and Police; representatives of the Chibok community, local and international civil rights organisations, representatives of the National Council of Women Societies, the Nigeria Union of Journalists and some of his highly trusted associates.

“For nearly two months, the committee undertook thorough investigation that included forensic assessment of all documents on the entire issues, held meetings with parents of the schoolgirls, visited Chibok, met with the then Chief of Defence Staff, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, the Director General of the DSS and the Inspector General of Police, all of whom were appointees of President Jonathan.

“The committee also met with officials of Borno Government including myself and the school principal, the committee held meetings with heads of different security agencies in Borno State including security formations in charge of Chibok and after compiling their findings, the committee submitted it’s report directly to President Jonathan on Friday, the 20th of June, 2014 in Aso Rock. The question anyone should ask is why President Jonathan deliberately refused to make that report public.”

Kubo asked: “What was he hiding from Nigerians? Here is another question, if the findings had indicted Governor Shettima or the Borno State Government in anyway, does anyone really think Jonathan would have concealed that report given his open hatred for Shettima and the fact that the governor was in the opposition party?”

The Borno Commissioner of Education noted that, “if there was one Nigerian that assisted Jonathan in the fight against Boko Haram it was Governor Shettima who single-handedly approved the funding of Civilian JTF without any support from the Federal Government even when Jonathan himself repeatedly acknowledged the roles played by Civilian JTF in whatever success his administration recorded in fighting the insurgency.”

He said Shettima supported Jonathan by funding security agencies and mobilising community intelligence as publicly attested to by the then Director of Operations at the Defence Headquarters, Major General Lawrence Ndugbane.

Kubo, however claimed that Jonathan’s main anger with Shettima was when the governor spoke out of frustration by telling the world that the Nigerian military was not being equipped.

He said the governor’s claim had since been proved by former Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, and by the discovery that the huge funds meant for arms were shared under Jonathan’s watch.
The commissioner noted that President Jonathan’s decision to constitute that committee was a miraculous intervention by God to preserve the innocence of Governor Shettima and his administration.

He said that, “if Jonathan wasn’t the one that constituted a fact-finding committee and received a report, no administration on earth would have upheld Shettima’s innocence because Jonathan’s men would have questioned the report of any other fact-finding committee.”
He called on President Jonathan’s media team to find something more important to do with their time rather than making baseless allegations in order to confuse Nigerians.

  • josvinco

    Shettima is a failure no matter how the Press particularly THISDAY newspaper launders his image. The writer of the story should do more than just captioning “Shettima challenges GEJ to reveal the findings of chibok…” Why is poverty so prominent in Borno and people like Kashim Shettima still won landsllde elections and yet they cannot use the same tactics to dissuade the people from Boko Haram sects’ ideology who instil fears on the locals to perpetrate their acts. Borno gets more allocation than most of the southern states, yet majority of its people are rural and poor. And that is why boko haram defeat is not complete, reason being poverty in the midst of the people. If ballots were counted in Sambisa forest and Shettima won, then he is part of the system.

  • Joe crown

    The truth of the matter is that president Jonathan had govern the country for six year and if he had won again he would have rule for ten year. The economic high jacker (some individual that thinks that it’s their birth right to govern the country) will never let that happen and if not because of the African union intervention regarding the evil minded military men mainly in Nigeria that ruined the future of Nigeria. They would have pushed him aside in his first two years of presidency.

    However, their was large scale of military conspiracy simply because the then Mr president is a Christian. The non Christians military officers with very high population in the Nigerian arm forces were very sympathetic to Bokoharam.

  • Dauda

    Abduction was stage-managed. Girls, women, boys, men, families from the North east have always been living in Sambisa forest doing farming and hunting. If Boko Haram abducted 270 into the unknown place in the forest, how come the military were claiming to be rescuing 1000s of girls and women from Sambisa? What sort of Sanusi’s mathematics is that? Should I say it sounds like Buharis 93% and the 5% balance.

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      Becos hundreds of girls and women were abducted into Sambisa from all over, apart from the over 200 school girls from Chibok!😏😏

  • Frank

    The Chibok mums….are they still missing

  • Jon West

    There was no Abduction, just a ploy to aid regime change. Now the girls ,holed up somewhere in Borno State are being released in batches, looking very fresh and inviolate by Boko Haram sex addicts ,after several years in captivity. Anyone who does not see the fraud in this “Abduction “ requires mental evaluation.

    However, I am happy that the chicken have come home to roost with respect to the regime change. There will never be peace in that part of the devastated and blighted North of Nigeria. Using religion as a tool for regime change is the ultimate disaster and future generations of these people will rue the process by which Goodluck Jonathan was removed from office as Libyans are now rueing the fall of the “Bad Man” Gadhafi.

    • James Gunn

      I concur. Plus they are looking well fed or at least fed enough. They should be looking haggard, unkempt, malnourished and battered. Does Boko Haram have access to nutritious food, adequate shelter and conducive environment to maintain over a hundred young teen girls?? I don’t understand this Shettima

  • Pluti

    If both of you took responsibility and fixed the issues, I guess there wouldn’t have been a reason to throw jabs at each other.

    • JayGeeX

      Their issues? Who has issues?

      The person in charge of a state that was WARNED not to carry out exams locally but insisted on doing so on the promise he will provide security?


      the person minding the rest of the country that was informed 2 weeks late with stories that are as inconsistent as the fools as a kogi state civil servant’s salary?

      These are not ‘jabs’. This is called ‘flailing’… a desperate, wild swinging from Shettima.. the kind that precedes a mental haunt and a breakdown…

      Me? I am stocking up on popcorn.

  • bigdaddy

    Shettima, just shut up your big mouth and accept your part of the blame for not having the foresight and heeding advice to change location of the exam.

    GEJ, it is true you never believed there was an abduction to this day. Your assistants and supporters also have that belief. As CIC, your ineptitude is legendary and this is just one example. Clueless, daft and a moron.

    • JayGeeX

      It is not only GEJ that never believed there was an abduction and it is for good reason… Not everyone chooses to remain daft and gullible.

      The interesting thing is that NO ONE has answered the questions that make it DEFINITIVE or CONCLUSIVE that the girls were indeed abducted by Boko Haram operatives (or criminals as this government likes to call them).

      Now, the point is and remains that ANYONE that believes the matter in totality without acknowledging the obvious HOLES in the stories that actually prove otherwise, is the CLUELESS, DAFT MORON and not GEJ.

      • bigdaddy

        Well, people around the world that are not paranoid and who have brains on their shoulders know there was an abduction. Like i said, Mr clueless and i am not surprised, his equally clueless and daft supporters never believed it. That should not surprise any intelligent being. That was why his wife set up that drama and it took him 3 weeks before he even tried to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the issue.
        Whether it was Shettima or northern politicians that carried out the abduction, to in the words of his moronic supporters, “get back their power” or to “discredit his administartion”, the fact remains that the guy was truly a moron in the way he handled the situation and other affairs of state.

        So you that is not daft and gullible, can you tell me what evidence you are looking for to convince you it was not a hoax?

        • JayGeeX

          Right.. Like the people around the world that also knew there were WMDs in Iraq up till Sadam Hussein wad kiled abi? Go and read what they say about those that refuse to learn from history..

          From the rest if the shallow nonsense you wrote, it is clear that you never reasoned beyond the foolish, confused stories you were fed..

          Who said I was looking for evidence to convince me it is not a hoax? That’s how you continue to fail.. I want CLEAR, CONVINCING ANSWERS to SIMPLE QUESTIONS among many others.

          1. Why did Shetyima insist on holding the exam despite being warned not to?
          2. Where was the security he promised when he insisted on holding tge exams againat advise?
          3. Why did the principal say she was there in her FIRST account then changed story 3 days later?
          4. Why was the principal’s daughter not abducted?
          5. Where did she fet phone signals to call the principal after the initial claim that telephone lines were down
          6. How come only about 70 photos were released by WAEC despite over 300 girls claimed to have registered
          7. When did physics become so popular in the north for so many girls to be enrolled for it and how come NONE of the potential students has spoken a word of english..
          8. How come the principal wad tranferred to that post only a few weeks to the event? And why was the existing principal, a christian, posted out?
          9. How come the ones tha ‘escaped’ always showed up in a police station or goverment house?

          I bet you, along with your co-travellers are too busy distracted by the sentiment to ask intelligent questions anyway.. So i will understand if the points in that incomplete list of questions go over your heads.

          • bigdaddy

            Complete trash. Shettima has no police ar army to provide security. Perhaps the Gov of your state has security agencies under his command. When did you talk to them to ascertain they cannot speak English or that they do not have the intelligence to learn physics?
            You are not the commissioner for education to query when and where to post staff
            Stop lying. The escapees have never shown up in Government houses or Police stations.
            You can rant and rave all you want. It does not and will never change the fact that we had the misfortune of being ruled by a MORON. And Insha Allah, we shall never experience one again (Buhari i admit is trying his best to best Jona in that regard).

          • JayGeeX

            “Shettima has no police ar army to provide security” yet he responded to the WAEC people that he will provide security… Or it was GEJ that told him to do that?

            I did not talk to them… Interviewers did.. and AGAIN, I would not and if you are honest, neither should you expect anyone expecting to sit for a subject in the sciences to speak exclusively in their native language. And for the fact that the questions are not set in any other language, it is really stupid to propose anything that will reconcile that type of BULLSHIT.

            If you say I am lying about where the ‘escapees’ showed up, it means you were not following the story as diligently as you should have if you want to claim the right to any useless sentiments such as you are now.

            Rant? No.. you have mis-defined what I am doing as is typical of anyone that chooses to remain will,fully ignorant as yourself.

            The only MORON that fits is the one that has caused an economic recession TWICE in one life time… and here you are, experiencing it again… so we are already living your nightmare.

          • Toby

            Old boy, please think and make sense. You are failing in this argument with JayGeeX.

          • Dr Bunmi Binitie

            No! Bigdaddy is making sense and winning big time! Your judgement depends on if you have originally believed a lie or not!

          • austin

            Even BigDaddy would not agree with you.

      • Jason

        We like to complicate matters in Nigeria o
        1. An elected officer of a whole state not LG or ward, whole state was advised not to hold exams. Key being he was ADVISED not ordered.
        2. He chose to go against the advice implying he very well understood the implications that whatever came out from his decision he would take the glory or the brunt of his actions.
        3. If the exams had been held successfully and the ladies had written their exams, all the praise would go to Shettima for providing security and also ensuring girl-child education was advanced in of all places the north. In the same breadth wike (min of education) and GEJ would have been the devils trying to frustrate girl-child education in northern Nigeria.
        4. Smaller issues arise in other states, the state governors quickly run to Aso Rock to discuss these matters. Shettima instead chose to do his two weeks after.

        He has tried. IQ level is becoming a problem in Nigeria