Firm Produces Diesel, Kerosene from Plastics


Ademola Babalola in Ibadan

It was jubilation galore in Ibadan, Oyo state capital, as the Education Advancement Centre (EAC) released a set of chemical products made from waste plastics and cans.

The products include diesel, kerosene and alum which are made from waste plastic and cans instead of crude oil.

The firm launched the products at an exhibition at its Bodija, Ibadan headquarters, which is one of the activities marking its 20th anniversary.

The products, which come at a cheaper cost, according to the Director, Mr Muyiwa Bamgbose, will also reduce environmental destruction through the use of the non-degradable materials as raw materials.

Bamgbose further hinted that rather than relying on oil which is quite expensive, the waste materials, which are available in huge quantities, are far cheaper.

For instance, he said a litre of its kerosene and diesel costs N120 instead of the average of N200 they are being sold nationwide.

But EAC is not willing to go into large production. Rather, the firm is looking for large scale investors or manufacturers that can produce at that level that will meet the need of Nigerians.

Bamgbose, in an interview with reporters, said: “For the diesel and kerosene, we call them green products. They are made from waste thermosetting plastics which do not have any recycle value. The non-thermosetting plastics can be recycled but thermosetting are useless. From those thermosetting plastics, we have been able to produce kerosene that can reduce the cost of fuel and get our environment cleaner because they are non-degradable.

  • UOU

    So where does plastic come from?pure nonsense, jibiti

  • E.Udah

    What’s braking in this news!!!??? Lol.
    May God for once give us something to cheer about in Nigeria.

  • Akin Malaolu

    Thank you my worthy Nigerians for this victory in our searches for new opportunities.
    You have done well indeed for the glory of all Nigerians including those of Igbos, Ijaws and myself.
    Some People would invent AGITATIONS
    Some others would invent BOMBINGS.
    Some have perchants for Fake Drugs
    Some just invent Trouble and Abuses for their misfortunes in Sudden OPPOSITION.
    Some are always quick to condemn….

  • Apostel

    Another way to cheat an investor.

    • Akin Malaolu

      Please what do you do for living?

      • Apostel


  • Gary

    Aren’t plastics a by-product of petroleum? So what’s new here if plastics reversed into their original compounds?

    • Akin Malaolu

      I am just passing by o.

    • temple

      My brother…I was surprised to hear that we don’t have to rely on crude,and I asked,same as you.Is plastic not by-product of crude oil?

    • Lekan Ajirotutu

      It is waste plastic dude. Figure it out. It’s nots so difficult.

  • Reasonmore

    Pyrolysis process is an elementary science. It is not an invention.

  • Reasonmore

    There is nothing breaking about this. This is not an invention. It is an elementary chemistry.
    People have been selling a completely built system for doing this for years.

    • Baron Roy

      Lol…I had earlier refrained from making a comment…sigh…like you rightly served, pyrolysis has been around for thousands of years. Again, the claim that the products are cheaper is absurd! For one to obtain ‘ordered’ lower molecular weight hydrocarbons from thermosets like Bakelite, Styrofoam, etc, the pyrolysis would have to take place under controlled conditions over catalyst beds. Then the refining process of separating chlorides, aromatics, etc from the gaseous products of pyrolysis in order to have pure low molecular weight hydrocarbons definitely makes the final product uneconomical…Yet, they claim the products would be cheaper?

      Only in Nigeria!!! SMH

      • Lekan Ajirotutu

        Mr know it all. Sit there are be proffering your theory while they are about making money from the theory. They source their waste raw materials almost free and further help to clean and rid the environment of non biodegradable and casinogenic materials. You have not seen their cost structure to know if they are producing cheaper or not. More cost effective and innovative ways are emerging everyday on how to turn waste to wealth.

        • Baron Roy

          You’re definitely dumb! Damn!!!

      • Ayodele Talabi

        But as simple and elementary this “innovation” is, why has it taken us all this long to achieve this elementary baby step? Truth be said, we are a country that make rocket science out of basic elementary stuffs, but given the situational mess we currently find ourselves, this is soothing news.

      • gohen

        Roy !!!, brilliant.

    • Lekan Ajirotutu

      It is not an invention. It is an innovation. Why can’t u be one of the people you mentioned abi dem get 2 heads.