Author Emphasises Collective Effort in Tackling National Challenges with New Book ‘HELP’

Funmi Ogundare

An author, Victor Ani-Laju has expressed concern over the issues plaguing the country, saying that building a better society is a collective responsibility.
In a recent statement, Ani-Laju stressed the importance of his new book, ‘HELP’, which aims to inspire and educate people towards sustainable development.
He expressed excitement about the book’s potential to positively impact readers, stating, “HELP is a fundamental human need, transcending social status, wealth and education. The book is packed with insightful information designed to empower individuals, families, communities and nations to thrive and prosper.”
As a two-time Nigerian presidential candidate (2019 and 2023), Ani-Laju elaborated on the comprehensive scope of ‘HELP’, which addresses issues such as hunger, healthcare, housing, human rights, education, employment, environment, economy, power, and leadership.
He also revealed his ambition to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of books signed in a single session, using the event to promote ‘HELP’ and highlight citizens’ collective responsibility to build a better society.
He announced that hard copies of the book will be released after the launch in the last quarter of 2024.
“The book is now available for preorder online at, with an impressive two million copies already reserved,” Ani-Laju added.
Ani-Laju, founder and president of Victor University (, an educational institution focused on skill acquisition, certification, and financial intelligence, stated that his vision is to empower individuals and communities globally.

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