ACAEBIN Challenges Members on Ethical Standards

Oluchi Chibuzor 

In order to uphold trust placed in the Nigerian banking industry, Association of Chief Audit Executives of Banks in Nigeria (ACAEBIN), has challenged its members to constantly uphold ethical standards and principles guiding their profession.

Speaking at the 58th quarterly general meeting of ACAEBIN, the Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria, Mr. Dalu Ajene, said, the theme of the meeting, “Being a Human Auditor in a Challenging Environment,” is both timely and crucial. 

He said even though auditors live and work in an era marked by rapid technological changes, economic uncertainties, and evolving regulatory landscapes, “they find themselves at the forefront of ensuring that their institutions remain robust, transparent, and trustworthy, amidst these challenges.

“We recognize these myriads of challenges that face our industry: economic volatility, regulatory changes, technological advancements, and evolving customer expectations, to name but a few. Yet, as auditors, you must navigate these complexities with not just precision and professionalism but also with empathy and ethical fortitude.”

He noted that the association’s mission to foster cooperation among Chief Audit Executives, promote competence, and uphold ethical standards is even more critical now than ever. 

For the ACAEBIN Chairman, Prince Akamadu, the 58th quarterly meeting theme, reflects the dynamic and complex landscape they navigate as audit professionals.

He stressed that they are tasked, not only with ensuring compliance and mitigating risks but also with adapting to rapidly changing technologies, changing regulatory policies, and global economic conditions. 

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