Experts Urge Nigerians to Embrace Digital Revolution

Information technology and digital experts have called on all Nigerians to actively participate in the digital revolution to help shape the future of Africa’s economy. This call to action was made during the inaugural Africa Marketing Technology and E-Commerce Conference (AMTEC) held recently in Lagos.

During the conference, leaders in the digital space highlighted the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and its numerous opportunities, particularly in marketing technology. They emphasized that AI is transforming data analysis, personalized customer experiences, strategic decision-making, and creativity in marketing.

The conference convener and Co-founder of Marketing Analytics Africa, Mr. Victor Ojeakhena, stated that the event is a platform to bridge the gap between SMEs and technology, discuss the latest trends in using artificial intelligence to drive marketing efforts, and stress the importance of collaborations with influencers to drive brand messages. Ojeakhena further emphasized that the conference would reinforce the critical role of digital transformation in unlocking economic potential and highlight the collective effort and reskilling needed to harness these opportunities for national and continental growth.

A panellist and Co-founder of Optimus AI, Mr. Lanre Basamta, mentioned that marketing professionals need to reskill to maximise the advantages of artificial intelligence. Basamta noted that while AI might eliminate some jobs or roles, it will create new opportunities for those skilled enough to leverage its potential.

Another panellist and a medical influencer, Dr. Chinonso Egemba, emphasized that brand marketing professionals and content creators must collaborate and align for brand success.

The experts underscored the importance of Nigerians embracing these technological advancements to drive innovation and economic growth. They noted that active participation in the digital revolution will position Nigeria at the forefront of the continent’s economic development, fostering a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Hosted by Marketing Analytics Africa, the AMTEC conference had leading marketing technology professionals in attendance and served as a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and professionals to share insights, network, and explore the latest trends in brand marketing, technology and e-commerce.

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