Fintech Firm Launches Student Loan, Tuition Fee Platform for Africans

AfriCred, a rapidly growing fintech company, is collaborating with leading financial institutions in Africa and around the world to help students and guardians access credit. 

Based in Lagos, with offices in Kenya, the UAE, and Spain, it offers short- and long-term loans through financial institutions, instant tuition fee payments, living expenses, and travel credit cards, empowering students to take control of their higher education finances.

The firm streamlines the loan process by providing a wide selection of leading global and Africa-based lenders at competitive rates, delivered with best-in-class customer support. 

It has established exclusive partnerships with over 35 global universities across the USA, Canada, Malta, and the European Union to offer an on-click tuition fee payment experience.

“We are super excited to partner with AfriCred to help our students in Nigeria and Kenya access higher education financing and fee payment and very happy with the feedback of the students – We look to strengthen the exclusive partnership,” said Chris Velasco of Edison College, Canada.

CEO of AfriCred, Siddharth, said its mission is to empower students by offering them convenient and affordable access to credit through robust partnerships with global financial institutions that provide loans at competitive interest rates without requiring a co-signer or collateral.

AfriCred Senior Manager Jerry Opara said the firm was partnering various study-abroad businesses and higher education consultants, supporting existing organisations to serve students better.

Director at ProU Education, Dr Piyush Jain, explained that credit “is fundamentally broken in education,” especially when crossing borders. He added, “We can finally support our study abroad aspirants with an entire financial suite of solutions from loans and proof of funds to remittance and travel cards.”

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