Cocktail & Grills Festival Unveiled to Boost Tourism in Akwa Ibom

Cocktail & Grills Festival Unveiled to Boost Tourism in Akwa Ibom

Chinedu Eze

Ibom Tourism Nigeria Limited, is set to hold Cocktail and Grill Festival on November 19, 2023 to mark Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom state, as a leading brand in tourism promotion.

According to a statement issued by the project team lead, Allen Effeh at a press conference in Uyo at the weekend, the objective of the festival, which is slated for Kings & Queens, Ewet Housing Estate, is to bring the entire city together for a fantastic experience filled with mouthwatering food, refreshing drinks, captivating music, lasting friendships, and loads of fun and camaraderie.

“The Cocktail and Grill Festival promises to be the ultimate gathering of food-tertainment enthusiasts in Nigeria, featuring a vibrant celebration of street food culture in Nigeria’s emerging and exciting city, Uyo,” he said.

The agency said it intends to turn the spotlight on the art of crafting cocktails, as the festival also aims at encouraging healthy drinking habits.

“We’ll also shine the light on the incredible grills created from local recipes, which Uyo is known for, while honouring the individuals and brands who passionately contribute to this craft and hospitality.

“Effeh, whose organization, Ibom Tourism Ltd. has dedicated over a decade into the promotion of destination Akwa Ibom, said there is no better time to further promote tourism in Akwa Ibom State than now, considering the ARISE Agenda manifesto of the current governor, Pastor Umo Eno, which has given priority to the tourism sector and also backed words with action. “As thousands of fun-lovers gather in November, he called on individuals, entrepreneurs, the media and brands to cash in on the platform the festival offers, to connect to potential clients/customers as sponsors and/or partners, either for activation or to gain visibility,” Effeh stated.

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