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Richard Lamai’s Quest for More Knowledge

Richard Lamai’s Quest for More Knowledge

The world of the wealthy is confounding. When one thought they had it all, they suddenly conjure up more things that make them feel unfulfilled, especially in the realm of education. This is the situation with City businessman, Chief Richard Lamai. His quest for more knowledge is simply out of this world. He is one of the few that believe the popular axiom that knowledge has a beginning but no end.

Society Watch can disclose that the entrepreneur is presently burning the midnight candle at Oxford University in the UK where he is taking a course, just for personal development and fulfilment.

Of course, the businessman cum politician, whose interest cuts across real estate, hospitality and information technology, is about now rounding off the short course at one of the oldest universities in the world.

The short course, Systems Thinking Approach To Change Management, is said to prepare the All Progressives Congress (APC), topshot for new challenges in public policy adaptation and emerging business models.

His latest educational pursuit follows the postgraduate certificate he received at the London School of Business and Finance a few years ago. 

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