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Amstel, Zagg Light up AMVCA 9

Amstel, Zagg Light up AMVCA 9

By Vanessa Obioha 

The highly anticipated ninth edition of the AMVCAs, Africa’s pinnacle celebration of cinematic brilliance, is gearing up to showcase exceptional talent and deliver an unforgettable experience tonight, May 20, 2023. With official sponsorship from Amstel Malta and Zagg Energy+Malt, this year’s event promises to leave audiences spellbound and yearning for more.

Synonymous with a rich heritage and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Amstel Malta embodies the essence of the AMVCAs—an unyielding celebration of African creativity. As the official headline sponsor, the malt drink from Nigeria Breweries Plc aims to cast a well-deserved spotlight on the outstanding masterpieces created by both established and up-and-coming creatives.

As the official energy drink sponsor, Zagg Energy+Malt will electrify the AMVCAs with its invigorating Naija spirit.

Marketing Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc, Emmanuel Oriakhi acknowledges the rapid growth of the African creative industry but recognizes the challenges faced by undiscovered talents. He expresses Amstel Malta’s commitment to shining a spotlight on these artists at this year’s Awards.

“The African creative industry has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade. However, the industry’s intense saturation has made it difficult for creatives who haven’t found their way to the spotlight to have their art appreciated. Therefore, at this year’s Awards, Amstel Malta — is saying, ‘It is time for the spotlight’.”

The ninth edition of the AMVCAs promises an unparalleled celebration of the African entertainment industry, featuring star-studded guests, mesmerizing performances, and the recognition of exceptional talent. Amstel Malta and Zagg Energy+Malt are not just sponsors but also catalysts.

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