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The Return of Wale Edun

<strong>The Return of Wale Edun</strong>

No doubt, not many in Lagos State would fail to remember Wale Edun, the former Finance Commissioner when Bola Ahmed Tinubu held sway as the governor of the state. The former banker that knows his onions understands the terrain like the back of his hands. He has featured prominently and glaringly too and contributed meaningfully in all instances when he manned the finance ministry of the most populous state in Nigeria. This further endeared him to the heart of his boss.

Society Watch gathered that since Tinubu left the seat of government, their relationship has gone from boss and subordinate to two close allies. It was revealed that twice, Tinubu in the past had recommended him for a federal job and on the two occasions, the astute banker was eased out. A source disclosed that the brilliant former banker was then getting set to hit the limelight once again in 2019 when indications were rife that he was being tipped to be one of the new members of the federal cabinet with the sure bet of clinching the Finance Ministry portfolio, on account of his very good job as a former finance commissioner in Lagos. But again, for reasons unknown, he was shoved off by the powers that be in President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

However, this is a happy time for the brilliant and vibrant economist. A source disclosed that he could be brought back to perform his magic in the nation’s financial climate. It was also gathered that since Tinubu won the presidential election on February 25, 2023, Edun has become a go-to person based on their relationship.

“He is one of those that has the ears of the President-elect,” our source stated. 

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