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Adeoye: Motorsports on the Path of Growth in 2023

Adeoye: Motorsports on the Path of Growth in 2023

The Founder of the Work and Play Motoring group, Adeoye Ojuoko has said partnerships with different Motorsports communities will drive the needed growth for the sport in Nigeria in 2023.

Ojuoko whose group partnered the BMW Club Nigeria to deliver the Xmas Auto Fest on December 18, 2022, in Victoria Island, Lagos said the industry has a lot to gain from the growth of Motorsports and the fusion of ideas through its different promoters.

“I think that the event that we pulled off with the BMW Club Nigeria was the biggest Motorsport event in the country last year and that easily communicates the much the industry can achieve when we come together.

“For now, we have very little window for professionalism in the sport in Nigeria and I think, as such most of the players have day jobs that keep them occupied. It means that most of the needle-moving activities for the sports will be better achieved as a group where everyone comes on board to work as a team,” he said.

Ojuoko also added that pockets of other groups can also come on board to showcase their distinct purposes during those events, like racing clubs, vintage cars, and fans of retro-fitted vehicles.

“You will be so amazed how many of these different sub-clubs are growing across the country. I think racing clubs because of their visibility, whenever they have activities, seem to be the most popular groups. But a bunch of other cars enthusiast that expresses their passion for the industry in various other forms are also growing and only when a common platform Is created that you can see them.”

The Xmas Auto Fest, a third in the partnership arrangement between Work and Playgroup and BMW featured drag races and drifting from some of the most popular athletes across the country.

“We had people who travelled in from Abuja, Zaria, Port Harcourt, Kebbi and other parts of the country. The fraternity events like these afford us, help us to deepen the engagement between different Motorsports communities around the country and chart ways to be able to move the sport forward,” he added.

Work and Play is arguably Nigeria’s biggest Motorsport community, with over five events since its inauguration on May 27, 2018, and partnering several other events across the country.

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