More Nigerians Seeking Second Citizenship Post-elections — Abraham, Concordia Consultancies

More Nigerians Seeking Second Citizenship Post-elections — Abraham, Concordia Consultancies

In the wake of the recent Nigerian elections, there has been a significant increase in the number of Nigerians seeking second citizenship, according to Ifeanyi Abraham, the founder of NigeriansInDxb and Business Development Director, Middle East and Africa at Concordia Consultancies speaking on The Agenda, a popular radio show on Dubai Eye 103.8FM

Abraham revealed that the political instability and economic challenges facing the country have led to many Nigerians seeking alternative options for securing their future. He added that there has been a surge in inquiries from Nigerians looking to obtain a second citizenship, with a growing interest in countries such as St Lucia, St Kitts & Nevis, Malta and Dominica.

Abraham, who’s Dubai based company, Concordia has been in the business of providing consultancy services for second citizenship and residency solutions for over 8 years with over 2000 families enabled, noted that the demand for second citizenship has been on the rise for some time now, but the trend has been further exacerbated since the last elections.

He further explained that obtaining a second citizenship provides individuals with the opportunity to diversify their assets, expand their business operations, and provide a safety net in case of political or economic instability in their home country with options to visit over 147 plus countries visa free or visa on arrival, invest or start a business overseas.Nigerians want the safety of that option.

Abraham’s comments come at a time when the Nigerian government is under increasing pressure to address the country’s economic and political challenges. The country has been grappling with high levels of inflation, a weakening currency, and security concerns in some regions, which has made it difficult for businesses and individuals to thrive. Postponed elections, court cases and uncertainty around who will be sworn in inspite of a currently announced president-elect are some of the things driving this trend.

“Many Nigerians are turning to second citizenship as a way to secure their future, and I am confident that the trend towards second citizenship will continue to grow, as more Nigerians seek alternative options to secure their future.” He said

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