UK-based Coach Reveals Urge to Develop Nigerian Tennis

Patrick Cole is a familiar name with tennis enthusiats in Nigeria  having been involved in the game for well over 35 years as a player and now a coach.

Cole has been involved with Nigerian tennis and his knowledge of fhe game is top notch as he is highly skilled in youth development and athlete programming with in depth knowledge evolving into a high- performance coaching ability.

As a former tennis player who represented Nigeria in several international competitions himself, Cole has played a key role in helping the Nigerian coaching team to mentor aspiring professional players win trophies in tournaments like Davies Cup, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and other top tournaments in the world.

“My immediate goal is to come back to Nigeria before the end of the year and work alongside some of the Nigerian tennis coaches to help build a future champion for Nigeria,’ he declared whose ingenuity and  high degree of professionalism has earned him widespread commendations from.colleagues.

The Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) has always welcomed his unique and outstanding coaching skillset acquired from years of practice in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

Cole is noted to have consistently demonstrated a practical instructor skillset that motivates and inspires players to bring their best to every practice and competition.

He is collaborative with other coaching crew and sport administration staff, passionate and a motivating leader in when working with junior players.

As a former player, and with over 20 years of Tennis coaching experience in high performance, matching-winning strategic planning, and management responsibilities, he has a list of players whom he worked with in past tournaments including his daughter Jadesola, regarded as one of the emerging British tennis talents, Usman Kushimo, another Nigerian tennis star prospect, Aran Salvaraasan from Great Britain and many others.

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