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‘Lahira’ Watch Party Captivates Audience with Military-inspired Ambiance, Powerful Acting

‘Lahira’ Watch Party Captivates Audience with Military-inspired Ambiance, Powerful Acting

Ahead of its April 4, 2023 premiere on Africa Magic Showcase, ‘Lahira’, a drama series that depicts the lives of captured victims of insurgency in Nigeria, held guests spellbound in an evening inspired by military combat, and marked by an overflow of emotional reactions at the Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The series chronicles the tale of a young and courageous Lahira whose village gets destroyed by armed men. Following a series of unfortunate events, she finds herself in an IDP camp, where her stay was short-lived due to further attacks by the same insurgents, leading to her abduction and other girls, and placing the head of the IDP camp, Dr Louis Michel as a prime target.

Hungry for freedom, Lahira stages several failed escape attempts but remains resolute by morphing into an insufferable plague within the camp. Meanwhile, a special military team – the Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) squad leads the search for Lahira and the girls while Louis must continue trying to evade abduction.

The series which focuses on the daunting challenges of terrorism, insurgency, and survival in Northern Nigeria, is a timely effort, as explained by Series Director, Peter Fada:

“‘Lahira’ was a very difficult project. From concept to post-production was a big journey for me. The series represents every single one that has no voice. A lot of people, in the course of this insurgency, have been kidnapped, and married out against their will, without their consent. We felt ‘Lahira’ should be a voice for these people. We felt compelled to tell it.”

Gaining assistance from the Nigerian Army in advisory and defense capacities during principal photography in Nasarawa state, audiences noted and commended the plausibility of the storyline and powerful acting, with Brigadier General O. Adegbe applauding the production team for ‘bringing to life’ events on the battlefield.

As part of the festivities at the watch party, popular media personality Wana Udobang performed an eponymous poem, where she highlighted the trials of Lahira. The event had notable guests like Zeb Ejiro, Norbert and Gloria Anozie-Young, Bovi, Yemi Cregx, Sandra Essiene, Bade Smart, Sunday Afolabi, and more in attendance.

Produced by Justice Atigogo, ‘Lahira’ features a diverse cast of actors from across the country, including Norbert Young, and Gloria Anozie-Young.

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