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Seamfix, MTN Group to Provide SIM Registration in Five African Countries

Seamfix, MTN Group to Provide SIM Registration in Five African Countries

Mary Nnah

Seamfix, a leading provider of identity management and digital solutions in Africa, has partnered with MTN Group, a mobile telecommunications company, to extend SIM registration services into five African countries. MTN Group is leveraging the Seamfix Enrolment suite using BioSmart Solution, a robust

Biometric SIM Registration solution, to benefit over 30 million MTN subscribers in Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Guinea, and Sudan.

Speaking on the recent project, aid Seamfix CEO Chimezie Emewulu, said, “At Seamfix, we are proud to say that we already provide this solution for MTN and other telecommunications companies in Nigeria. Our solution has enabled us to power an impressive 250,000 sim registrations monthly, translating to approximately 3 million sim registrations annually.”

He said further that the Seamfix Enrolment Suite, which powers the BioSmart engine, provides a range of features, including biometric capture and validation, digital signatures, liveness detection, face-to-ID match, and offline registration, adding, “It helps MTN Group identify mobile phone SIM owners, track criminals using phones for fraudulent activities, provide better services to customers, and increase revenue streams. The Seamfix Enrolment Suite is compliant with regulatory standards and trusted by government and private organisations to create a secure digital infrastructure.

“With our success in Nigeria, we are excited to partner with MTN Group to expand our digital presence in five African countries. The Seamfix Enrolment Suite has been a game-changer in capturing and validating biometric identities and records in real-time,”  Emewulu said.

While noting that his company’s solution is designed to increase security, drive efficiency, reduce costs, and create a better customer experience,  Emewulu added that Seamfix is committed to providing innovative solutions that help people enable trust in the way they work, live, and learn. The partnership with MTN Group solidifies Seamfix’s commitment to helping businesses and their customers globally to seamlessly create, verify, and access trusted digital identities and services.

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