Organisation Unveils Mobile App to Monitor Political Projects, Bills

A non-partisan organisation, Pichledest, has urged Nigerians to get involved in the political decisions of the nation to change the status quo.

The Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Imhen, made the call during the unveiling of a mobile application, Poliliod, that will provide Nigerians with information on politics to help them make informed and intelligent decisions to improve the quality of political leaders.

“The vision is to get at least 80 per cent of elective political offices occupied by competent leaders in the next 17 years of five general elections in Nigeria,” he said.

Imhen, however, highlighted a major challenge confronting the nation for decades now. “It is poor political leadership. We discovered that about 76 per cent of the electorate during the election are unenlightened Nigerians who cannot make intelligent electoral decisions.”

He described Poliliod app as a game changer while insisting that the mission of the app is to get enlightened Nigerians engaged with political activities while also giving them a platform to monitor and participate in governance.

The app will avail Nigerians with the different candidates from all political parties contesting for positions including presidential, governorship, senate, federal House of Representative, state House of Assembly, local government chairmen and ward councillors.

“If you ask many enlightened Nigerians today to mention those contesting to represent them in their state and federal constituencies, or which bills are being deliberated or passed in their state House of Assembly, they don’t know,” he said.

According to Imhen, “Users will have free access to the profiles of the candidates and rate their competence based on several competency criteria.”

Poliliod users can also view various bills being sponsored, deliberated or passed in the various state House of Assemblies, the federal House of Representatives or the Senate and the press and the legislators can be availed of such vote results.

Other features of the app include monitoring government projects and programmes and the performance rating of elected officers. “We urge Nigerians everywhere to take advantage of this solution,” he said.

Speaking also, a supporter of the course, Ekene Aboh, is positive about the impact the app will make. “This app is not election specific. It is within the governance era, which is why the app monitors the projects these political leaders take on.”

“We expect that more enlightened voters are better informed and abreast of issues and bills that affect them and the future,” he added

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