Nigerdock Reposition for Growth, Unveils New Vision

Nigerdock, a leading Nigerian maritime and logistics company, has announced its new vision, mission statement, and values.

The brand purpose repositioning underlines the company’s diversified operational focus.

Under its new vision, Nigerdock said it is committed “to be a leader in providing maritime and logistics infrastructure, strengthening global trade with West Africa.”

According to Nigerdock’s CEO, Maher Jarmakani, “We have a legacy of promoting Nigeria’s industrialisation goals, and we have incorporated a growth strategy to build one of the largest selfsustaining trading hubs to facilitate the expansion of mid-to-large-sized businesses across the continent. Redefining our purpose gives our people greater clarity regarding the journey ahead.” “Alongside the vision, the company’s mission statement going forward is, “to deliver seamless supply chain and free zone solutions that bring value to customers, while being responsible for our people and the environment.”

“As businesses adjust to the global economic climate, our internal and external stakeholders remain critical to our success, commitment to excellence, and sustainable operations,” Jarmakani added. Nigerdock’s values have also been redefined as Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, Accountability, Leadership, and Synergy – IDEALS. The values reflect the company’s track record of best practices, sector prominence, performance, innovation, and environmental consciousness, “he added.

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