Wifi Combat Academy​ Introduces Techpreneurship​ for Students

Mary Nnah

The Wifi Combat Academy, ​ a Digital Incubation Hub, offers various educational technology solutions to institutions, schools, and the government to help bridge the gap in preparing children for the 21st-century workforce.

Wificombat Academy has held numerous coding boot camps and workshops for the past nine years and has trained over 12,000 children on coding, emerging technology, and entrepreneurship.

Through its​ partnership with organisations such as Oracle academy, Datascience Nigeria, MTN, Microsoft, Google, Gtbank, Lagos government and schools, it has​ organised various digital workshops on coding, emerging technology and ​entrepreneurship.

According to the academy’s CEO, Mrs Dele Tejuoso, Africa needs a new generation of entrepreneurs and a set of innovative, high-growth companies that would energise the sector and create jobs.

“Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) contribute significantly to the economic vitality of emerging and frontier markets.​ Exciting tech-enabled innovations like these are springing up across the African continent, spearheaded by a young generation with solution mindsets, launching edgy startups and increasingly using tech skills to tackle some of the continent’s most intractable challenges, such as quality health and education for all,” she stated.

Tejuoso,​ who described the Teen Tech Entrepreneurship workshop as an empowerment programme for teens and youths to learn how to collaborate and launch creative tech business ventures, added, “We have held several startups workshops for the few years addressing the gap. The goal is to get teens and youths across Nigeria to be more interested in technology and tech startups, to make a difference, who will lead productive, fruitful and purposeful enterprises.”

The​ second cycle of the programme​ had​ students​ write a business plan and pitch tech solutions in the agriculture and health sector, during which the organisation​ invited business leaders in various industry leaders to mentor the​ kids.​

“We will be holding the third cycle Teen Techpreneurship Workshop 2023 -Block Chain as an Innovation Driver for the Digital Economy, next year in April in partnership with the American Corner,” Tejuoso​ added.​

According to her, the training will be hybrid involving 200 secondary schools and post-secondary students, and undergraduates (100 and 200 levels) across Nigeria will participate.​

The workshop will be supervised by the director of American Corner, Mrs Stephanie Adesanya and Tejuoso.

Students will also have the opportunity to network with industry leaders, ​ attend the post-programme​ event on training them on Blockchain and also​ build their apps through the organisation​ support and mentorship programme.

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