Banking Amazon, Tomi Somefun, Gleefully Glides into 60

Banking Amazon, Tomi Somefun, Gleefully Glides into 60

Compared to the many different elements that make up human life, time is likely the most consistent. Its existence suggests to us that progress is possible and that we can measure how much of that progress our efforts and fortunes can produce. For the Managing Director/CEO of Unity Bank Plc, Tomi Somefun, the assessment of time can only be a little better. At 60, Somefun has accomplished and continues to accomplish things that her peers can only dream about.

Unity Bank is currently enjoying the turn of the season as its MD/CEO glides gracefully into 60. The new age of the corporate Amazon evidences her gifts and graces which have always marked her out to be a remarkable person, one of a kind, and a legend in the making. Truth be told, her journey to greatness is not the type that can be replicated deliberately, but one that shows the backing of God’s divinity.

Most people only know Somefun today. Others who are better informed know that she has been around in the corporate arena for more than three decades. Specifically, she has participated in remaking Nigeria’s banking sector for the past 26 years, with another nine years spent around the sector. Before her current hallowed position, Somefun was the Executive Director of Unity Bank’s Lagos and South-West Business Directorates, as well as the Financial Institution Division and Treasury Department of the bank.

But her path has always been bright and brilliant. This is likely why she can hold membership in both the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) even though her first university degree was in English Language and within the Faculty of Education.

With Somefun at 60, one can be sure that greater things are in store for Unity Bank. Before her new age, she was already considered wise. Therefore, Unity Bank is sure to benefit from Somefun’s strengthened grasp of wisdom’s reins.

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