Aisha Buhari to Speak on Audacity of African Girl

Aisha Buhari to Speak on Audacity of African Girl

Kuni Tyessi in Abuja

The wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Mrs. Aisha Buhari is set to speak on The Audacity of an African Girl, a novel that serves as a prototype to the average African woman who is determined to be educated and stand tall in a patriarchal society.

In the presentation which is coming up on October 8, Mrs. Buhari who is expected to serve as the mother of the day, is also expected to encourage the Nigerian women on the importance of saving for rainy days, particularly for themselves and their children.

Author of the book and Nigerian returnee from the United States of America, Ms. Khuraira Musa who made the announcement, said this has become a necessary reminder which has proven to be effective over the years

Using herself as an example as a child who was determined to be educated despite being born in penury, she has called on the government at all levels to engage parents more in the menace of out of school children, particularly in the north if it has been discovered that the children seen around are of school going age.

Speaking to newsmen on the forthcoming pubic presentation of the book, Ms. Musa emphasised that even though the government cannot bear the cost of education alone, it behooves on it to provide a conducive learning environment, qualified teachers and the necessary tools for better understanding.

“Whatever you’re doing, have something by the side for that raining day. That is what has helped me over the years. I had a son whose 20 percent lungs were damaged as a result of sickle cell anemia, and he had to be induced into comma for six weeks. Imagine if I didn’t have anything on me, or wasn’t financially stable? So no matter how little you’re earning as a woman, try to see that you make savings for that rainy day which will surely come.

“It is important we realise that every country has their headaches. America does have hers, and what you see on the television is not what is all about America. They pick and choose what they show you about their own country, and they pick and choose what they show the world about your own country.

“The country has no control over what you should be. I was at Ruga, I didn’t even know what government was. But I wanted to go to school and my parents supported me. So people can’t always blame the government. You must show that you want something so bad. Your parents also need to push you. Everything needs to start from home. Sometimes the parents are not doing their part. Why don’t we start looking at the parents before pointing hands to the government?

“Then in America, if a child is of school age and hasn’t been enrolled, the parents are going to get a visit.  What the Nigerian government needs to do is that if they find out children of school going age not going to school, then they need to find out why the parents are not sending them to school. That is the role of the government.”

Dignitaries to grace the occasion include the Sultan of Sokoto and the Emir of Kano among other dignitaries.

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