Economic Downturn: Labour Party Demands Withdrawal of APC Candidates from 2023 Polls

James Sowole in Abeokuta

Highlighting Nigeria’s path to economic insolvency after seven years   of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration ,  the Labour Party (LP), yesterday called for immediate resignation of All Progressives Congress (APC) government and withdrawal of the entire candidates of the party from the 2023 general elections.

The call, according to the LP became expedient to save the nation from extinction, as all lies been told about the economy, had exposed the incompetence of the APC-led government.

This position of the LP was expressed, at a news conference, addressed by the National Publicity Secretary, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi, the tittled, “Nigeria @ 62: Calling for Resignation of APC Government,  Candidates from 2023 Election.

Arabambi, who specifically quoted figures allegedly released by the Budget and Planning Ministry and the Debt Management Office (DMO), in the first four months of the year 2022, said the revelations showed a hopeless situation for Nigeria’s economy, that has practically collapsed.

He equally slammed the government on what he described as unverifiable subsidy claims and lies being told on its effects.

He said: “It sounds very irritating, painful and annoying to keep hearing APC government repeatedly claiming that the untenable, questionable and unverifiable oil subsidy deductions and the twin criminal excuse of the inability to increase oil production, were  responsible for failure at meeting the projected target of revenue growth in the four months.”

The Publicity Secretary noted that Nigeria has no reason to continue importation of fuel, if not for the mismanagement and fraud being perpetrated under the subsidy regime.

“If Nigeria is under the rule and government of a competent and capable party like the LP that is recognised for its proven commitment and brilliant capacity , this our over abused nation will have no business importing fuel with the hidden agenda of blind stealing from the proceeds of oil in the name of subsidy .

“It is necessary at this juncture for all Nigerians to immediately join the cry for the demand for the resignation of the APC from the seat of government now that it is not in doubt that it has finally ruined a substantial part of the future of Nigeria with its avoidable act of running the country into insolvency.

“Unless we , the being wickedly mortgaged Nigerians as a body pool resources and worth together to influence a change quickly in the political leadership of the country , it won’t be long when Nigeria will be turned into an extinct nation by the APC .

 “The key is to join hands and support Peter Obi’s hope and peace assuring Presidency in LP. We must vote against the sick, the early and tired ancient men and the known and world-wide published treasury looters to invest our votes in Peter “ the Obedient Obi in LP .

 “LP has chosen to advise APC to immediately withdraw all its candidates from the 2023 elections and safe itself the embarrassment of repeated public lies and falsehood that has become its main character in Government.

“APC without any doubt must be convinced beyond all doubts at this point by itself that the die has been cast and Nigerians are determined to vote right to a presidential candidate they trust as they keep growing support for the Presidency of Peter Obi in LP.

 “No responsible Nigerian will try to insult his/ her integrity by either secretly or publicly try to canvas votes for the APC with its record of ethnic bigotry , official rascality and unheard of incompetence and shameful cluelessness.”

 “In view of this deliberate infractions, divisiveness,  wickedness and lawlessness, LP hereby  calls for the immediate withdrawal of all APC candidates from the 2023 general election so that Nigeria will not go into final extinction,” he said.

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