Evercare Hospital Fights Arthritis

One of Nigeria’s leading hospitals, Evercare  has decided to shed light on Arthritis and its effect on the everyday man.  According to Orthopedic Surgeon, Evercare Hospital, Dr. Thompson Akpokonyan, the health concern is a painful joint resulting from wear and tear in the adjoining.

He explained that in a normal joint, the ends of the bones that meet are normally lined by a biologic plastic like covering called cartilage which permits the joint surfaces to rub upon each other smoothly during motion with little to no friction and in addition, prevents the bones of the joint themselves from touching each other which can lead to excruciatingly pain.

Akpokonyan said: “The different types of arthritis in man include Osteoarthritis, Inflammatory arthritis, Arthritis from crystal forming disorders, Infective arthritis and Port traumatic. It’s most common symptom which could vary in intensity from being mild to becoming very severe. Other symptoms include joint stiffness, joint deformities like increased bowing or knocking of the knees, joint instability which may lead to falls, dependence on pain medications and depression due to the chronic pain experienced. Reports have it of people with arthritis having suicidal ideations and succeeding.”

Enlightening further he explained that the treatment of arthritis begins with a detailed physical assessment by a certified orthopedic specialist who will obtain a detailed history from you and will examine you to arrive at a preliminary diagnosis which would be confirmed by appropriate imaging done on the affected joints.

“Additional ancillary laboratory and/or radiological tests may be ordered as deemed necessary by your specialist who will commence your management. Treatment options include lifestyle modifications, physical therapy, medications, injections, regenerative interventions, arthroscopic interventions and in very severe cases, a joint replacement surgery may be required,” he said.

 According to him, at Evercare, the management is charged with the need to care for all bone and joint related conditions providing world class care and are committed towards eradicating this chronic scourge affecting modern man.

By employing international best practices, their dedicated orthopaedic team comprising board certified experts and state-of-the-art facility, they are geared towards finding a lasting solution to all your bone and joint conditions.

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