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Yaw: I’m Currently Shooting ‘Sparadice’

Yaw: I’m Currently Shooting ‘Sparadice’

Steve Onu popularly known as Yaw is a famous stand-up comedian, on-air personality, actor, master of ceremony, event host, radio personality and all round entertainer. His time in the Nigerian entertainment industry has contributed more than just his personal artistry but added more of his capacity to add to its growth through his shows and on air programmes. In this interview with Tosin Clegg he talks about his projects, his just concluded show and a lot more 

Yaw’s new project


I’m currently on set shooting a new TV show “Sparadice’.  it’s coming on star times and some other tv stations. It’s an humorous tv series, so that’s what Yaw has been up to. Well, I’m still on radio, the same radio station Wazobia FM. That’s what I have been doing with my time.

Flatmates is like a family

We started flatmates, I think in 2002 or 2003 I can’t even remember again jo! Myself, Basketmouth and Okechukwu Chioma started Flatmates and the rest is history because for now, it’s the number one most sort out for tv series. I will just say it’s grace and we loving what we know how to do, I really can’t say the secret but we loving our craft and giving it our best.

About my just concluded show 

Alright, so the show is titled PO! It’s the normal PO that you go to toilet with, the normal ones kids use. It’s written by actor Femi Branch, I’m sure it’s in the 1990s he wrote it and the first ever performance was done in 2004 by late Jaye Aboderin and Keppy Ekpeyoung. And I did the play again in 2009 and it doesn’t really have special meaning than the PO! You pass excreta with. So, I decided to make it a three-day show because the play on its own is to sensitize people about governance and the part the society plays; not just the people in power. We are all in this together. If we don’t we don’t get it right now, with the way this country has become now, believe me I don’t know what will become of us. This is to tell people to vote, go out and get your PVC to vote and then vote wisely also. Not just because you want to get money.

Yaw as president of Nigeria

If I have the opportunity to become the president of this our great country, the first thing I would fix is the power. I will fix power because the things I have noticed about Nigerians is we are hardworking people.

Government hasn’t provided us these things but we provide it for ourselves. Our lights, security, houses and all by ourselves to ourselves…so if I have the opportunity, I will fix power so that people can grow well in their doings. The money we spend our power alone is too much, too crazy! And gradually, we can start to have train, electronic cars.

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