2023: Magnus Abe Urges Rivers People to Vote for Credible Candidate

Blessing Ibunge

Former representative of Rivers South-east Senatorial District, Senator Magnus Abe has urged the people of Rivers State to vote in a credible candidate who would judiciously govern the state considering the interest of the people.

He said the people would determine who would govern the state in 2023, adding that Rivers people have the power to decide their future.

Abe spoke while addressing members of the Progressive Lecturers Network in Port Harcourt.

He stated that Nigerian voters have come of age to realise that they are the ones who could install the government and so could demand what they expect from the government they installed.

Abe said: “Today, the Progressive Lecturers Network of Rivers State, have gathered and they didn’t ask me what party I belong. Rather, they are gathered to say, we want to work with you to chart a new future for the state.

“This is because they know that it is not the party that makes leadership but the people and that’s the point I have always made.

“Everybody knows that what you need is the people. Our electoral laws have made it possible for people to be able to determine the direction in which they want to go.

“Here in Rivers State, we are going to show Nigerians that Rivers people can choose their own direction and I am promising that what we are offering is partnership based on reality.

“We cannot continue to sell our votes, we cannot continue to vote on sentiments, and we cannot continue to vote on ridiculous premises without asking where our own future is with that vote. We must vote with ourselves and our children in mind, that is how we are going to do something different and see something different.

“If in running the party they don’t obey the constitution and rules of their own party, why should a voter continue to be loyal to organisations that are not loyal to you?”

He added: “It is time for us as Nigerians, as voters, as stakeholders to be bold enough and courageous to chart our own course.  I am a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), but I want to say categorically to the Rivers electorate that I, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe with your support, will be on the ballot in March, 2023.”

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