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Nigeria Going Through Unprecedented Adversity, Frustration, Says Usman Bugaje

Nigeria Going Through Unprecedented Adversity, Frustration, Says Usman Bugaje

Oghenevwede Ohwovoriole   in Abuja

A presidential aspirant of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), Dr. Usman Buhaje, has said that Nigeria is going through unprecedented adversity, misery and frustration.

Dr. Bugaje disclosed this yesterday after he picked his nomination and expression of interest forms at the national headquarters of the PRP in Abuja.

According to him, Nigeria is going through the worst period of her history adding that no institution of government was working.

“Our country is going through an unprecedented adversity, misery and frustration, which have literally exasperated life and put citizens on the edge, with such irritability as would spark violence at the slightest of provocations. 

“Every now and then one hears about some gruesome crime and the constant desecration of human lives, symptomatic of the decomposition of our human society. 

“There is hardly an institution of government delivering on its mandate or meeting the expectation of its citizens. Simply put Nigeria is not working, but worse still it has become one of the most dangerous places on the globe,” he stated.

According to him, if things were allowed to continue this way it will certainly consume the country one day. 

The former presidential aide, said that the nation has found itself on a dangerous trajectory that is not only unsustainable but actually dangerous, “because the anger and frustration it has been generating can consume the polity, as it has always done in the history of human societies.” 

According to him, “The 2023 general elections offer us the opportunity to change our trajectory by electing leaders that are knowledgeable, competent and credible.”

He used the opportunity to call on all competent and credible Nigerians to go into active politics, saying it is thus incumbent on all knowledgeable, competent and credible Nigerians to come out and partake in politics. 

“If they are worried about the dirt in politics they should know that politics is dirty only because it has been left to the dirty,” the former House of Representatives member advised.

He said that fixing Nigeria cannot be done by one man alone but a team of competent, credible and passionate Nigerians.

According to Bugaje, “I don’t believe that there is one person, no matter how knowledgeable, no matter how competent and no matter how credible that alone can fix the problems of this complex country. 

“I believe we need a team of the most competent, the most credible, the most passionate Nigerians working together day and night without fear of favour, to fix the problems of this country.”

He said he has already assembled a team of experts that will proffer solutions to these problems, whom he said will go round the country to engage with citizens. 

“This is not only because we don’t want to claim the monopoly of wisdom but also because citizens would know better their problems than any other person outside their domain.

“Myself and my colleagues are going to make that difference. We are that difference, for we are not big men, but we are men and women who can access big ideas, with the passion, the courage, the credibility and the competence to salvage our country from the abyss and put it back on the trajectory of hope, of justice, of development, of jobs and prosperity,” he said.

He called on the ordinary citizens to support the PRP because it a political party for them that will cater for their basic needs.

For things to change, he said the poor has to be different by not collecting pittance to sell their conscience. “The party operatives must be different by not ignoring the criteria, of which knowledge and character come top; the politicians must be different by not focusing on the quest for power and the perquisites of office,” he said.

He lamented the wastage in government saying “governance has been defined by pilferage, wastage, prodigality and mind-boggling corruption.”

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