Firm Unveils WellaHealth2.0 Initiative to Improve Healthcare Delivery

To address the daily health concerns of average Nigerians, Wellahealth has unveiled an improved product, WellaHealth 2.0 to proffer solutions.

This, according to the firm, is coming after over three years of providing affordable health plans for low and middle-income earners in the country.

The firm also announced that it had acquired Wellvis, an online platform that readily provides telemedicine services.

In a statement on Friday, the CEO of the firm, Dr Ikpeme Neto, and the Marketing and Communication Lead, WellaHealth, Shine Dichaine, said that the health tech startup company would continue to provide healthcare services by leveraging technology and collaborating with local pharmacies and other healthcare providers to make healthcare coverage available.

“With the unveiling, Wellahealth is now providing affordable cover for Nigerians managing chronic illnesses, maternity coverage, and more cover for hospital visits, tests, telemedicine and others.

“Initially starting with malaria coverage, WellaHealth has expanded to cover consultation for other common illnesses and infections and now chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. WellaHealth services also cover drugs to treat these illnesses via point-of-care consultation and testing at about 1,600 local pharmacies that we collaborate with,” they added.

And with plans ranging from basic to the broader HospiCash plan, users can get coverage for Malaria tests and drugs, if test positive; blood pressure test; diabetes test, too.

Other services are telemedicine services and consultation, where a user can chat or talk with a Doctor; funeral coverage which will be paid to the user’s next of kin in the event of death, and up to N100,000 cash-back on hospital visits per year.

As contained in the statement: “Users can get all these and even diet plans for as low as N800 per month at their nearest pharmacy.”

The value of WellaHealth plans lie in the convenience they provide with an easy registration process, partnership with local pharmacies, and pre-paid and automated point-of-service care.

“They reduce hospital travel costs and make the authentic medication available, their accessibility, and also affordability; with inclusive financing plans that cater to the earning power of the average Nigerian,” says the CEO and marketing and communication lead.

The unveiling according to the statement was also used as an avenue to announce the acquisition of Wellvis, an online platform where people can ask health-related questions and get instant replies from qualified health professionals thereby reducing the incidence of Self-diagnosis and self-medication, adding that all existing Wellvis users will be onboarded to WellaHealth and enjoy the free plan option and other benefits of being a Wellahealth user.

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