Cleric Warns against Legalising Immoral Acts

Mary Nnah

Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries has warned  world leaders that there will be no solution in sight for economic and political problems if they don’t embrace God and stop legalising immoral acts.

Speaking during an Easter retreat titled, “God’s Covenant of Peace and Blessings at the Revival Ground of the International Headquarters of the church in Lagos State, Muoka said:  “This generation more than any other has provoked God beyond measure. In our very eyes all over the world various kinds of abomination is being legalised, the world is calling on God to destroy them by their sin.

For world leaders, Muoka emphasised that their solution for economic and political problems will not work if they don’t embrace God.

“Men sleep with their daughters, prostitution is being legalized. Abortion is being legalised, prostitution, gay marriage, killings, shedding of blood, they have provoked God to anger. Men can now marry men and women can marry women.” 

“This was the kind of sin that made God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah when they provoked the righteous God to anger, Muoka reiterated,” he said.

According to him, there is cry in Africa, America, Europe, Asia, with government managing economy, while on the other hand evil is everywhere.

He said there will be no solution when people commit evil, commit murder and killing without provocation.

“Men indulge in killing, kidnapping, cultism, terrorism, while governments of the world stand and watch. God is angry,” he said.

He stressed that God will judge the unrighteous. He also emphasized that whether they are kings, presidents, priests, bishops, popes, whoever that refuse to repent from wickedness, the anger of the lord awaits such a person. He said they should surrender to Jesus for that is the only remedy.

 “As solution to the present world economic and political crises, government all over the world must proscribe gay marriage, prostitution, abortion, and blood-letting because Gods is angry,” he said.

He advised men and women to run away from the wrath of God by avoiding all defilements and keep seeking purity and perfection all their lives.

“Do not entertain sin, don’t bear grudges, unbelief is a terrible sin, anger, impatience, covetousness, masturbation, adultery. The unrighteous will never inherit the kingdom of God. Sinners, fraudsters, those in secret cult, making charms, stealing, they will face the wrath of God,” he declared.

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