Kush Jnr Delivers on Newest EP


Singer/songwriter Kush Jnr panache stays his sounds of music, delivering upmost and fantastic mixes of his worldwide anthem. The rap artiste delivers a message on his newest EP “Sound Dragon” declaring a reminder that it’s all about the Benjamin’s.

The 4-track EP which contains songs such as Kolomentality, Gwara Fever and Juicy shows Kush’s eclectic reach of musical style and taste. “I specialize in mixing my multiple strengths and world influences to my music,” said Kush Jnr.

Kush Jnr boasts of international and African fans and a renowned base worldwide.

The Akwa Ibom native represents a new breed of the caliber of singers, one who is savvy but has enough swag to appeal to both overseas and American audiences. He’s that one who needed to balance R&B music. His music rings around the globe.

The blend of his rich cultural background enables Kush Jnr to lyrically go in directions which others are afraid to. Listeners and new fans will find that Kush is an introspective lyricist who pays attention to social details, love, culture, and environmental behavior as articulated in his songs and recent EP.