NIPOST Assures Courier Operators of Safety, Business Support


Emma Okonji

The Courier and Logistics Regulatory Department (CLRD) of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), has assured all licensed Courier and Logistics operators in Nigeria, numbering 256, of maximum safety and protection, including support for their businesses.

The General Manager of CLRD, Mr. Shonde Gideon Oludotun, who gave the assurance during a round table meeting at the weekend in Lagos, said the courier and logistics business, remained an essential business that drives the Nigerian economy, which needed protection and support from government.

The meeting, which was between the courier/logistics regulator and the operators, was organised by CLRD to further sensitive the courier and logistics industry.

According to Oludotun, CLRD had carried out several raids on unlicensed courier operators in Lagos, Abuja and Benin City in order to sanitise the courier industry, but felt there was a great need to further educate courier operators about the operations of the regulated courier industry in Nigeria, hence the need for the meeting, which lasted for over three hours.

“The purpose of the round table meeting as a rule making process is to discuss with willing investors, ways to tap into the various opportunities in the sector and also brainstorm on the pressing issues affecting the industry,” Oludotun said
While appreciating the operators for attending the meeting in their large numbers, Oludotun emphasised that NIPOST was not set out to kill small businesses but to nurture them in view of the extant laws and regulations.

He therefore advised them on the need to get a copy of Courier and Logistics Operations (REGULATION) Guidelines, in order to get more acquainted with industry operations.

The Courier and Logistics Regulatory Guideline is paramount and intrinsic asset to Courier and Logistics business in Nigeria, Oludotun further said.

Some of the issues discussed include: NIPOST (CLRD) plan for the year 2022 for the industry; How to implement safety and security measures; Benefits of securing the NIPOST Operating License; Flexible payment plan for an operating license; Managing and collaborating to secure the license. Other issues include Multiple taxation, Extortion and Touting in the industry; How to avoid being clamped down; and the forthcoming industrial training among others.

During the meeting, operators had opportunity to raise issues that affect their businesses. One of them, the Director, Olive Fast Track Services, Mrs, Sade Akintoye, raised the issue of multiple taxes from Lagos State government, which she said, were adversely affecting courier business in the state. According to her, Lagos government has over six categories of licences, which the state compels courier operators to pay, irrespective of federal government licence issued by NIPOST for courier operations in Nigeria. She also complained about local government taxes within the states and called on NIPOST to discuss with the states and local governments on how to harmonise multiple taxes.

Another operator called on NIPOST to do more in protecting the interest of operators and stressed the need for NIPOST to encourage merger and training of smaller operators for business continuity and safety.

Responding the questions raised, Oludotun said NIPOST has had discussions with the Lagos State government on several issues affecting courier business in Lagos, in a bid to protect courier and logistics business in the state. He promised that NIPOST would continue to engage with state and local governments in order to address the issues of multiple taxes and motorbike ban, among other issues.