Healthlane Launches Preventive Healthcare App for Longer, Healthier Lives


Rebecca Ejifoma

Healthlane, a global preventive healthcare provider, has launched the Healthlane App, a preventive healthcare technology that fosters comprehensive world-class medical care for longer and healthier lives.

The App, which can be accessed on smartphones and Androids, allows users to book doctors appointments, view medical tests results and records, see health score, access care plan, and nutrition tips.

Speaking at the recent launch of its Lagos facility, the CEO of Healthlane, Mr. Alain Nteff, said its mission is to simplify how individuals understand, track and improve their health.

This, he emphasised, is to enable longer and healthier lives whilst reducing the dependence on an overburdened primary health care system.

For Nteff, healthcare has been mistaken to mean sick care. While he clarified that the former is consulting a physician after feeling sick and experiencing symptoms, the latter (healthcare) is about nutrition, exercise, supplements, lifestyle and check-ups.

“Healthlane’s focus is preventing people from falling sick and enabling people to live longer and healthier lives,” he hinted.

Seeing how the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitisation of different sectors, the CEO admitted, “Today, people are now comfortable accessing their medical records on their smartphones.

“They are more concerned about protecting themselves so they don’t fall prey to certain diseases. We all know that if you are diabetic or hypertensive, you are more affected if you contract COVID-19 compared to someone who is relatively healthy.”

He, however, highlighted that there is a growing trend of services being deployed through technology and that is where Healthlane has positioned itself.

As a customer-centric brand, he continued, Healthlane’s experience is convenient and seamless. With professional doctors, results are fully explained to clients while a personalised care plan is immediately available on the Healthlane app.

As part of its mandate, Healthlane also developed an outstanding laboratory at its office in Lekki and is also able to conveniently set up in corporate workplaces.

Healthlane provides comprehensive wellness checks and personalised care plans that make it seamless to understand, track, and improve one’s health.

With the Healthlane app, users can now book for full-scale check-ups, view medical tests results and records, see health scores and get a comprehensive care plan around nutrition, exercise, sleep and supplements.

Healthlane revealed that it is in partnership with insurance companies and HMOs, as it is set to move the continent and the world into a new horizon for employers and employees.

On its drive towards accessibility of preventive healthcare, Nteff outlined, “Many of our target audience are registered on an HMO and those who do not, pay a friendly out-of-pocket fee to get all the tests done and get results in a maximum wait time of 45 minutes.

“We are the new medical tourist destination and are happy to be doing our bit to improve a situation that many would rather complain about.”