Pamilerin Adegoke: Social Media is the New Oil


As the world moves with trends, top social media strategist, Pamilerin Adegoke has revealed that at the moment social media is the new oil all major industry players need to tap into to create and disseminate contents to global viewings.

Adegoke, while speaking about the positive effect the social media platforms are having on Nigerian youths and their counterparts across the world, hinted that “Social media is pivotal to the success of many businesses across the globe, especially when it comes to entertainment as it pushes everything beyond borders.”

With social media everyone gets to know about the happenings around the world.

For instance; one of the major advantage of social media was during the COVID-19 pandemic where major industries were shut and no physical activities held but with the advent of social media; a lot of virtually events held, entertainers did a whole lot of music push via the several social media platforms, top companies made use of this medium in advertising their products to millions of Nigerians both home and in the diaspora.

Pamilerin however citied ‘Love Wantiti’ as a typical example of a song that gained global mileage; this is a clear indication that the creative hub in Nigeria that across music, movie has gained prominence and this is all thanks to social media.

While we all know that some individuals use the platform for negative push, Pamilerin however advises Nigerian youth especially of the need to be creative as social media is the new oil when used well for the right purpose.