Ekiti Guber Election: I Won’t Step down for Fayemi’s Alleged Anointed Candidate, Says Poopola

Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja

One of the governorship aspirants in the forthcoming election in Ekiti state, Otunba Ademola Popoola has said that he won’t step down for the alleged anointed candidate of Governor Kayode Fayemi even for $200 billion.

Popoola disclosed this during his interaction with journalists on Wednesday after submitting his forms at the national headquarters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja.

It was rumoured that Fayemi had anointed the former Secretary to State Government (SSG), Mr. Banji Oyetunji.

Asked if he would step down for the alleged anointed candidate of Fayemi, Popoola said, “Governor Fayemi has never called me once to tell me, Demola, go and step down, never! All he told me is that Demola (maa se ise e lo) continue with your campaign. All I want is, who will win the election for APC in Ekiti state, I am not going to stop anybody.

“I am not anybody’s anointed candidate and I will not step down for anybody, not for $200 billion.”

Ademola explained that he was contesting to consolidate on the achievements of Fayemi.

According to him, I intend to build. Industries. I’m in contact with some foreign financial gurus and businessmen, who have signified interest to come and support the state in the area of Agriculture. They are planning to invest $2.1 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, another governorship aspirant, Mr. Oluwasola Afolabi, said his interest to come back to Ekiti to help the people bring back the economic glory of the state.

He added that his goal is to come back to Ekiti State to create jobs, to help our young ones get viable job to sustain their lives.

Afolabi lamented that the health care system in the State was nothing to write home about, stressing that as a US trained medical personnel, he would use his wisdom, talent and ability to the people of Ekiti to make sure that their health care is second to none in Nigeria.

Asked what plan he has to outsmart the other politicians being a newcomer in Nigerian politics, Afolabi said his people are already aware that other aspirants are liars.

Afolabi stated: “My people will listen to me. When I carry my messages across to them, they know that most of the people that are coming are liars. They know they have said more than that before. There is an opportunity of not believing in what they are saying but believing in a fresh Comer.

“They have the trust in me from all the internal polls that I have taken. They have the believe that we need someone who is fresh to the system, not somebody who has been there and lying to them after taking one or two things from the government.”

“My position is not going to be that way. I will be very sincere . There will be accountability in my system, transparency, and honesty to prevail all the time. Ekiti people will trust me.”

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