Olalekan Adebiyi: The Road Master on the Move


Olalekan Adebiyi, the man and the mountain. A master that hides under the shadow of his natural predisposition to silence, and commandeers projects that set the tongues of foreigners wagging. Adebiyi, a man whose works are louder than his voice can ever bear, even though he cares little for false adulations and glorification. In recent days, Adebiyi has, against his best intentions, one might say, become more and more visible as the road master that he is.

The Nigerian construction industry is a cluttered cluster of characters. The individuals in charge of some of the indigenous companies are far more colorful characters than they need to be. This is especially true since they are supposed to be people who, by definition, remain in the background, building roads and bridges. Very few of them, like Adebiyi, have been able to show how a master construction contractor should carry themselves.

Adebiyi’s company, LaraLek Ultimate Construction Limited, has always been a sight for sore eyes. Knowledgeable folks would always sigh whenever they see this name on a project board somewhere. LaraLek has become synonymous with quality projects finished at record time, and lasting forever. How does one raise a middling firm to such heights without relying on an unrivaled university certificate, Harvard Business badge, or thick web of political connections?

For Adebiyi, the answer is grit. A man that knows himself has no need for flattery. Adebiyi’s long chain of achievements could be used to shoulder a bridge in Lagos State. But how many people know about this? He is determined to contribute his quota to Nigerian society by building its roads. Do anything with enough passion and diligence, and time will help you perfect it. This is the case with Adebiyi and LaraLek.

To date, you will not see Adebiyi tooting his horns to compete for a contract. No! His reputation as a road master, an ordinary hard-working man passionate about his work, precedes him.

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