WACT Attains Major Safety Milestone


APM Terminals West Africa Container Terminal Nigeria (WACT), Onne, has recorded a major safety milestone by attaining one million man-hours with no Lost Time Injury (LTI) in its ongoing Phase Two terminal upgrade and expansion.

WACT recently launched a USD 110 million Phase Two upgrade. The upgrade covers the acquisition of three additional Mobile Harbour Cranes (MHCs) to bring the number of MHCs at the terminal to five; acquisition of 20 Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes (RTGs); three Reach Stackers; 13 terminal trucks and trailers, an empty container handler, deployment of reefer racks with 600 plugs capacity, as well as paving of the current yard and expansion by 13 hectares, new workshop and new terminal gate complex.

A no Lost Time Injury (LTI) means no employee or contractor sustained injury that resulted in the loss of productive work time.
Speaking at an event to mark the major safety milestone at the Onne Port, Rivers State on Friday, Senior Project Manager of WACT, Rutger ten-Thij, said, “We have our families at home and so everyone working on the construction site needs to go home safely at the end of the day.

One million hours is only a number. To implement the project safely at all levels is our main goal. We need to achieve the whole project without an LTI. It is not only a goal for the project team but also for the workers on site, their supervisors, the management team from Vita Constructions and the entire construction team. A high-rise building is coming up. Other safety issues will emerge. It will be challenging but I am confident that together with the contractors, we will achieve that as well.”

Also speaking, the Chief Operating Officer of WACT, Captain Prashant Baijal, said the achievement of one million man-hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI) was made possible by the “full collaboration between the project team and the construction contractor”. “At WACT, safety is our license to operate, and Vita Construction understands that very well. Thank you to all the teams working night and day, the bar has been raised, let’s take it higher by ending the project without an LTI, ”Captain Baijal said.