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Politicians, High Society Ready for Femi Gbajabiamila’s Chieftaincy Ceremony

The year is gradually drawing to a close. As the wheels of time spin towards another temporal marker, certain folks are getting ready to climb into the ranks of wealth, nobility, and every other enviable status there is. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, is one of such individuals. His climb is a noble one, thanks to the recognition of the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi.

On social media, the buzz about Gbajabiamila’s latest cache of good fortune is booming. In a matter of weeks, the honourable Speaker would become a big chief among his people.
Reports began circulating in September that Oba Adeyemi acknowledged and appreciated the many contributions of Gbajabiamila to Nigeria’s growth and development. The Monarch noted that the Speaker had accomplished much while moving from the position of a floor member in 2003 through the years until he earned the topmost chair in the House.

Oba Adeyemi stated that Gbajabiamila has not shamed his roots and carried the Yoruba heritage with a natural disposition. Consequently, the king capped Gbajabiamila’s efforts with the traditional title of Aare Ba’sofin of Yorubaland (which loosely translates to the Supreme Lawmaker of Yorubaland); a fitting title, as many have commented.

The higher-ups of Nigeria’s social circle are the ones currently calling up their tailors and fashion supervisors. As the ceremony will be held on January 14, 2022, in Oyo, preparations are in full swing. The list of happy attendees is longer than the Nile—and getting even longer as the D-Day draws close.

Admittedly, Gbajabiamila is far more popular among the members of Nigeria’s high society compared to his predecessors. It is no wonder that his name is featured at least once a week on the frontlines of many national newspapers.
With such a vast following and influence, the chieftaincy title is the icing on Gbajabiamila’s cake. Even so, considering the forthcoming colourful celebrations, one can see that the man is overjoyed at being honoured like this.

Inspiring Mileage as Mike Adenuga’s Globacom Marks 18th Anniversary with Joy

A few days ago, Globacom marked its 18th anniversary. As one would expect of an establishment, the company threw open its doors and shared the jollity with its customers. Globacom’s move to appreciate its customers has turned into a campaign to prove that it tops the list of indigenous corporations that are after the interests of the Nigerian people.
Joy Unlimited Extravaganza is the name of Globacom’s big gesture of gratitude. The promo is expected to thrill Glo customers with amazing prizes that number in their hundreds of thousands. Specifically, more than half a million Glo subscribers will win these prizes. The prizes include household appliances such as television sets, refrigerators, electric generators among others.

Moreover, the Joy Unlimited Extravaganza is not limited to any particular location in Nigeria. This means that a Glo subscriber in Damaturu is just as likely to go home with a brand new generator as a Glo subscriber in Ikeja. The criterion for qualification is fairly straightforward. Glo customers only need to recharge at least N500 between Monday and Sunday, and at least N2,000 within a month, and they are in.
Naturally, folks are ecstatic about the promo. They have begun to call on Adenuga to do even more of this. Business analysts are already predicting a significant increase in Glo subscribers as the year runs out. This is not entirely surprising — Adenuga has always thought things through, winning a kilometre every time the company moves an inch forward.

Miracle-working Banker, Nnamdi Okonkwo Returns

Nnamdi Okonkwo is back! There is no better way to set out on narrating the latest happenings in Nigeria than this. Okonkwo is back! After allowing news traders to compile copious volumes of information about his retirement from the corporate scene, the former MD/CEO and face of Fidelity Bank of Nigeria Plc has returned to the halls of corporate banking and finance. He is the new group managing director (GMD) of FBN Holdings Plc.
There is no doubt that Okonkwo’s reappearance in the banking and finance sector is one of the hottest news in the last quarter of 2021. For a recognised pundit of financial services, strategy, auditing, consulting, taxation, process reengineering, and capital market operations, etc. like Okonkwo, perhaps the hurrahs accompanying this news is not unjustified. What is slightly mystifying is the fact that the man has turned to a different banking institution to, again, command industry-wide attention.

Nobody can confidently point out who got the best deal this time. FBN Holdings Plc, the holding company of First Bank of Nigeria, is not the typical institution. Neither is Okonkwo the average manager. This is why the ‘incorporation’ of Okonkwo with FBN Holdings Plc is guaranteed to make tall waves in the days to come.

Okonkwo’s appointment came on the heels of the voluntary retirement of U.K. Eke, the former GMD. Thus, Okonkwo will take up Eke’s mantle, starting from January 2022. This will be Okonkwo’s first public move after he retired from Fidelity Bank in December 2020.

With his 30-plus years in the banking and finance industry, Okonkwo has built himself a prestige that is uncommon among bank managers in Nigeria. Even before retiring from Fidelity about a year ago, his name had already passed into the pages of the nation’s business legends. His brilliance led to the radical progress recorded in Fidelity Bank.

With his long list of achievements, it is not surprising that Okonkwo secured FBN Holdings’ GMD position. With this significantly larger institutional dashboard to work with, many are waiting for Okonkwo to blow minds, break conventions and surpass his former records.

Birthday Plan Turns Funeral Plan: How Phone Call from
Femi Osibona Lured US-bound Businessman to Tragic End
While the tired sun melted into the bleak horizon and the azure sky slunk into dusk on
November 1, 2021, real estate guru, Wale Bob-Oseni, detoured from his trip to the airport into the eternal dark.

That Bob-Oseni got crushed to death in the 21-storey rubble of his friend, Femi Osibona’s high rise building is public knowledge. But very few people know that he suffered such grisly death at the prime of his life. Just at the cusp of 50.

He probably went quietly or in excruciating pain. Whatever the manner of his departure, the real estate guru went poorly into the deep, dark rubble of his friend, late Osibona’s 360 Degrees Towers’ 21-storey contraption. Unlike many departed souls of his stature, he did not receive a grand burial.

The Executive Director of the African Bureau for Legislative Empowerment is yet to be interred six feet under the earth, hence he probably wanders dissatisfied, like a tormented wraith seeking peace in unlikely places. Nobody knows the actual fate of the real estate magnate at the time of his death. Nobody knows either what final thoughts flashed through his mind. Did he rue his sad, sudden end? Did he regret, knowing his planned 50th birthday would eventually pass as his funeral? Did he wish that his body and spirit escaped the cold catastrophe of the 21-storey rubble?

On his way to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), en route to the U.S., Bob-Oseni reportedly stopped by Osibona’s Ikoyi building site at the latter’s behest.
The real estate dealer and Executive Director of the African Bureau for Legislative Empowerment, was on his way to the U.S. on Monday when he got a call from Osibona, owner of Fourscore Homes, to check out the ongoing development at Gerard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State. Alas, the building collapsed with Bob-Oseni and Osibona inside, and they are now presumably dead after 48 hours of rescue efforts.

In a video that went viral some minutes after the collapse, a man believed to be Bob-Oseni’s driver was seen crying, saying he was to take his boss to the Lagos airport.
“He was heading to America. I want to go and drop him at the airport,” the driver said in tears.

Bob-Oseni is also the Corporate Affairs Manager of the First Premiere Mortgage, according to his profile on LinkedIn, which also states that he had a master’s in International Relations and diplomacy from the Howard University in the US.
As his death continues to elicit gasps of despair among Lagos’ high society, friends and family of the deceased in the US rue his sad end at the cusp of grand preparations for his birthday celebration.

2022 Osun Governorship Election: Will Aregbesola Support Oyetola?

There is no helping it: politics is not for the faint of heart. As one prominent public figure recently expressed, many who die in the name of politicians have only their ignorance to blame. Even so, it is fine to watch the tournament from a distance, plotting graphs about who will support who and who will not. The forthcoming gubernatorial election in Osun State is a case in point. Will the immediate past governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola support his successor, the incumbent Governor Gboyega Oyetola? That is the question on many lips.

Generally, the idea of gubernatorial succession is one of the greatest strengths of democracy. This is not the case in many Nigerian states. Aregbesola and Oyetola are a case in point. They are the latest pair of immediate past and incumbent allegedly prepared to go all out and send the other out of commission. And this is only the latest—not the only—in South-west Nigeria.
The alleged tango between Aregbesola and Oyetola has been going on for a long time. However, ahead of the gubernatorial elections that are less than a year away, tensions are rising. Folks are saying that even though both of them ride under the canopy of the All Progressives Congress (APC), they have carved out camps for themselves.

The camp loyal to Aregbesola seems to believe that their boss has become something of a political apostle and godfather, able to confer governorship on whoever he chooses. The camp loyal to Oyetola seems to believe that this is not the case, Oyetola does not need Aregbesola’s anointing and the return ticket is practically in the pocket of their liege.
Besides these issues, there is still the matter of who is getting in the same bed with you, ‘the friend of my enemy is my enemy’, and so on. All these seem to indicate that Aregbesola will not stand behind Oyetola as the latter tries for a second term in office. This is assuming that Oyetola would take a knee to request assistance.
Overall, the consensus is that Aregbesola will not be supporting Oyetola. Then again, stranger things have happened.

Tony Elumelu, Oyakhilome, Others for Ambrose Alli University Alumni Association End of the Year Soiree

There is an argument in the psychological sciences regarding the true origins of excellence. Is nature responsible or should we bend the knee to nurture and association? Considering the quality of brilliance and distinction that is characteristic of associations like the Ambrose Alli University Alumni Association (AAUAA), the second option appears to win out. As members of the Lagos branch of AAUAA prepare for their award night at the end of the year, the public is reminded of the merits and accolades of some of their most distinguished members.

The news waves are buzzing with the reports of certain members of the AAUAA descending upon Adna Hotels, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the association. Slated to hold on December 12, 2021, according to the Committee Chairman, Sir Val Otiono, the event is set to host the most prestigious alumni that graduated from the Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Edo State.

Among these prestigious alumnae of the old institution are champions like the mega businessman, Tony Elumelu; one of the most influential pastors around the globe and the founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated, Rev Chris Oyakhilome; legendary stand-up comedian, master of ceremonies and actor, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome (alias Ali Baba); Senator representing Edo Central Senatorial District and engineer, Cliff Ordia; Minister of State, for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo; Minister of State for Budget and National Planning of Nigeria, Prince Clement Agba; and many more.
According to reports regarding the forthcoming event, most of these — if not all — will be available to mark the anniversary. Expected to be an evening of thanksgiving, refreshments and merit awards to the most deserving alumnae, the event is guaranteed to be one of the foremost highlights of the last month in 2021.

Furthermore, considering what some of the industry leaders and people of influence among these alumni have accomplished, the award ceremony will surely go down in the history books. The records of the achievements of Elumelu in 2021, alone, can dominate the world, not to mention those of Pastor Chris.

Celebration Galore as Group Chairman Retro Group of Companies, Lekan Osifeso Gets Two of the Highest Chieftaincy Titles in Ijebuland
Anybody who knows anything about social and corporate life would understand the implications of the end of a year. The top of these implications is the recognition of achievements and contributions. Even though this is essentially a tradition by now, it is an honour conferred on fewer persons. This year, popular Lagos businessman and construction giant, Otunba Lekan Osifeso, is one of these.

Ijebuland is currently enjoying a wave of excitement and jubilation at the prospect of getting a new High Chief in the person of Osifeso, on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. The Kingdom, led by the consummate Monarch and Paramount Ruler of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona, would help usher Osifeso into two of the most prestigious positions in the land: Olotu Olowa and Madasa of Ijebuland in Ogun state.
This is not the first wave of the news of Osifeso’s new status, but it is loud, nonetheless. The first report of this intended conferment emerged several months ago. But for a few inconveniences, the date was not announced. Now, the D-Day has been decided and the preparations are already underway.

Otunba Osifeso is not a new name. One could go so far as to claim that it is a household name, particularly among Nigerians who are conversant with the dynamics of the construction industry in the country. Here, Osifeso is at least a lord of repute and influence, if not one of the crownless tsars in the industry.

Osifeso’s Retro Group of companies has cast the shadow of the Ijebu man’s across the horizon of the construction industry. Even so, Osifeso is noted to hold a special place in his heart for his Ijebu roots. Thus, the effort of the Awujale to honour Osifeso is understandable.
Being a very gregarious person, few have made a conservative estimate of who will be attending the ceremony in December: everybody, from the bottom to the top of Nigerian society. Moreover, with Fuji musician K1 De Ultimate anticipated at the event, preparations are in full swing.

Gabriel Ogbeche Hits Gold, Acquires Major Stake in Eterna Plc

Businesspeople and political figures feel the constancy of change much more than ordinary people. Expressing a similar sentiment, former U.S. President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, said, “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” For Gabriel Ogbeche, Founder and Managing Director of Rainoil Limited, this is a time to win.

According to the latest reports from the shareholding and equity bidding platforms, Ogbeche has struck gold this time around with his Rainoil Limited. Ogbeche’s company is one of the few that managed to make the best of the deal that Eterna Plc put out sometime in December 2020. More promising for the businessman is the fact that his Rainoil Limited got the majority shares in the oil and gas company.

For those out of the Rainoil loop, the company has been racking up points within the Nigerian energy sector. With the better part of two decades on its side, as well as several progressive teams of committed employees, Ogbeche’s Rainoil has grown far beyond its original dimensions, stretching left and right.

While Ogbeche and his company have been making obvious moves to dominate their peers and join the ranks of the most successful and profit-making oil firms, this move is timely and may be described as the most brilliant. Moreover, considering that the last few months have been noticeably arduous for Ogbeche, the passive take-over of Eterna Plc is his balm in Gilead.
Reports of Ogbeche’s alleged feud with the former House of Representatives member, Ned Nwoko, have only begun to lessen. Back then, every news article with Ogbeche’s name and congenial face would point out that he was likely to get into trouble. After all the back and forth, it appears as if Ogbeche broke through the challenges and even came out stronger, wealthier, and definitely a great deal happier.

There is time, indeed, for everything. For Ogbeche, the time for success is now.

Glad Tidings! Special Adviser to the First Lady, Dr Wole Aboderin, Celebrates Birthday with Needy and Underprivileged

The last quarter of every year is the time of the year when certain individuals go out of their way to prove that there is some goodness in humanity. For Dr Wole Aboderin, the Special Adviser on NGOs to the Office of the Wife of the President, gestures of this kind are an inspiration to everybody in the position to duplicate them. Furthermore, as this quarter starts with his birth month, the man spares no effort in being extra philanthropic.

This year, as in last year and the year before, Aboderin has decided to celebrate his birthday with the needy and underprivileged of Nigerian society. This custom of his has become so well-known that it is no longer perceived as outlandish or artificial. After all, one can only pretend for so long. Therefore, Aboderin has won the hearts of many people and continues to.
This year’s celebration was no different. Aboderin did not discriminate between young and old, orphaned or homeless, neglected or sheltered. He gathered them all under one canopy and made sure to share with them the resources he acquired from his work as a valued member of the inner circle of Dr Aisha Buhari, the First Lady of Nigeria.

By every indication, Aboderin does not care for brownnosing or the praises of ignorant people. His sense of duty towards young people, not to mention NGOs, has significantly overshadowed any desire to stand in the limelight and pose. This is one of the reasons he was able to reach his current height. All the scheming in the world might not be able to duplicate this honest disposition and approach to the obligations of his office.

As Aboderin celebrated his birthday, his well-wishers made sure to throw praises at him—and for good reason. These endeavours have never motivated Aboderin to try and win the admiration and endorsement of the public. However, they have forced many spectators to take a second look and find that Aboderin’s heart is with the people.

Man of the People: How Babajide Sanwo-Olu is Winning Lagosians’ Hearts with Milestone Projects

Flattering a person is not an unforgivable crime. However, this endeavour ought to have its limits. For Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Executive Governor of Lagos State, even the most outlandish spiel of flattery does not yet meet the standards for exaggeration. One might even argue that the catchphrase, “You are doing well” was created for him. Few Lagosians would not sing his praises daily. Even fewer would dare to say that they do not like him.
In two years, Sanwo-Olu has managed to touch nearly every industry and sector in Lagos with gentlemanly effectiveness. The state that used to symbolise hustling has become a place of excellence; a place where dreams come true. Education, transportation, health, entrepreneurship, youth development and empowerment, and several more—Sanwo-Olu has touched them all.

Several reports have attempted to make a list of all the milestone projects that Sanwo-Olu has started, fixed, completed, and made extensive and detailed plans for. These reports number in their hundreds and all conclude with accolades expressed in the name of the bespectacled governor.

The sectors that have enjoyed the majority of Sanwo-Olu’s time are education and transportation. Both of these sectors have seen more transformation in the last two years than in the previous decade. In education, for example, Sanwo-Olu’s Eko Digital Initiative has broken down more barriers to quality education. This project has gotten quality formal education into the minds of more children, privileged or otherwise.

In transport, Sanwo-Olu has built and rehabilitated more roads than most states have ever done since the country got its independence. Moreover, his recent declaration to complete the rail projects by 2023 has left Lagosians sighing with satisfaction.
Under Sanwo-Olu’s magnanimous governance, Lagos as a state and city has experienced dramatic transformations. It is no wonder that the governor is the darling of all and sundry.

About a year ago, someone asked Sanwo-Olu to ‘Soro soke’ (speak up). Sanwo-Olu has spoken, and the voice continues to echo in his many milestone projects.