Duchess International Hospital Opens, Offering a Viable Alternative for Health Tourism


In support of Duchess International Hospital, the largest multi-specialty privately-owned hospital on the mainland in Lagos, GE Healthcare has completed the delivery and installation of equipment with a full range of products for improved healthcare in Nigeria.

The Duchess International Hospital, a purpose-built 100-bed, fully ensuite hospital facility offering primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services across a range of specialist and sub-specialty areas has opened in the heart of Ikeja GRA, Lagos. Its operators predict that it will reverse the trend of people traveling abroad for medical treatment.

The Duchess is located within a few minutes of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, 90 minutes by air from any state capital in Nigeria and accessible within two hours from most major capital cities across West Africa.

The hospital is uniquely positioned to solve the problem of access to affordable healthcare on behalf of local communities across the country. Patients attending the hospital can expect to receive an excellent standard of healthcare combined with a unique experience of hospitality.

Supporting the planning, development, building and equipping of the facility at Duchess International Hospital, GE Healthcare is providing a comprehensive suite of solutions such as Xray-Brivo DRF, Digital Mammo Senographe Pristina, Cath Lab- Innova 530, CT-Scan- Optima CT 660, Ultrasound – Vivid T8, Voluson, Logiq F6, Mobile Xray – Optima XR 220, LCS-Ventilator, Baby Warmers, and Anesthetic Machine.

Eyong Ebai, General Manager of GE Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa, said: “Over the years, GE Healthcare has been supportive with providing standard healthcare infrastructure in Nigeria. Our partnership with Duchess International Hospital further showcases the interest in ensuring the best availability of medical equipment for effective world-class healthcare delivery. We continue to adapt to improved technology in solving the challenges in healthcare through our equipment”.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3 promotes good health and well-being to ensure healthy lives for all ages. The government of Nigeria is making efforts to achieve this goal and private sector investment in the health field is one of the mechanisms to attaining this.

GE Healthcare is a long-term partner in building Nigeria’s healthcare infrastructure, and continues to provide external expertise in hospital design, hospital planning and training. More than 5,800 GE Healthcare technologies are deployed in hospitals and clinics across the country.