Siende Signature to Hold Fragrance Craft Workshop, Partners International Fragrance Brands


By Sunday Ehigiator

In commemoration of its first year anniversary, Seinde Signature, a fragrance experience and retail brand based in Nigeria, has announced partnerships with 17 international fragrance brands and influencers.

The company also revealed that it would be holding a ‘Craft Workshop’ aimed at teaching interested Nigerians about perfume making.

The Founder, Olufemi Olusola, disclosed this during a press conference held in Lagos, to intimate the public on the lineup of activities for the company’s first year anniversary.

According to Olusola, the workshop would be held in Abuja on November 1, 2021, alongside other activities earmarked to commemorate the one year anniversary of the company, beginning from October 30 to November 2, 2021.

The craft workshop is in collaboration with Lael Perfumery Academy. It will involve practical sessions about perfumery and the act of creating perfumes.

“Attendees will have the privilege of learning about perfumery and perfume making from special guests who are well versed in the art of perfumery and the fragrance industry.”

He revealed that the exclusive partnerships with the international brands and influencers, which include, Testament London, Mystery Modern Mark, Felice Di Maio, Daniel Josier and Glenn Davis among others, would bridge the gaps between Nigerians and the appreciation of quality niche fragrances produced by these brands.

“The goal is to highlight the bright future and legacy of Seinde Signature that will revolutionise the fragrance industry in Nigeria, and hopefully, Africa at large, while also putting Nigeria on the map as a key player in the luxury fragrance market.”

Olusola said the Seinde Signatures brand would foster creativity and innovation within the country and build a reputation of integrity and professionalism.

According to him, the series of events would give Nigerian fragrance lovers, perfumers and the fragrance industry professionals the opportunity to network, learn, and have access to a standard of professionalism that would be recognised globally.

On the lineup of activities, he said, “From October 30, to November 1, we will be celebrating the first ‘Scentiversary’ of Seinde Signature in a series of events taking place in both Lagos and Abuja.

“The event will include workshops, dinners, and networking events that will allow attendees to learn and interact with international niche fragrance industry professionals.”