Fashion Brand, Samuel Cray in Move to Re-defining Nigeria’s Luxury and Ready to Wear Options


Oladipupo Olamide Samuel is a Seasoned Fashion Designer, Top Notch Stylist and the Creative Director of one of Nigeria’s leading fashion house, Samuel Cray. Birthed fully in 2018, the fashion brand was rooted with the consciousness to make timeless pieces with a matchless attention to detailing. From Suits, Blazers, Jackets, Tuxedos, Agbadas, Kaftans and a lot of other clothing options Samuel Cray has proven itself worthy to be reckoned with bragging in the satisfaction of delivering what’s premium and of quality.

With an ever increasing demand for Ready To Wear pieces that suits the style and class of its customers the brand have decided to kick off a more structured RTW option. Speaking further on this, the Creative Director of Samuel Cray had this to say, “RTW came to play as a result of the way majority of Nigerians are wired as most people want comfort but at the same time they like when they want something and easily get it without having to wait for a particular period of time. So we are working towards our clients been able to walk into our store for any impromptu occasion and readily have an outfit to select from. It’s an underground thing and still in process and we hope when it’s out it yields our expectations.”

Attention to details has been the hallmark of the brand as it caters to both the luxurious and the everyday Nigerian without losing the touch of the quality and standard the brand would give at each tier of customers satisfaction.Creating a new twist to their designs as well as bringing up things you wouldn’t see anywhere else is an addition to the applauding excellence of the brand as they always take their time to produce and create noteworthy wears. Adding to this Oladipupo mentioned, “We aim at adding a touch of luxury and difference to every outfit to make our clients stand out by getting luxury at ease.”