Nizamiye Hospital Inaugurates Advanced MRI Scanner


The Nizamiye Hospital Abuja, has inaugurated a GE 1.5 Tesla state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Machine to undertake diagnosis and monitoring of treatment for various conditions within significant body components.

According to the Chief Radiographer of the Hospital, Bibian Yager, the newly commissioned MRI Machine is a multifunctional machine capable of carrying out diagnosis on various parts of the body, including Multiparametric MRI of the prostate gland and the breast. And also, MR spectroscopy.

“The hospital, in its quest to continually provide quality services to its patients, invested in a state-of-the-art MRI machine with provision for multiparametric MRI of the prostate gland, which is the preferred imaging modality for prostate anatomy and risk assessment of prostate cancer, and MpMRI of the breast, which improves diagnostic accuracy in breast cancer, prevents unnecessary breast biopsies, and enables an improved assessment and prediction of response to neoadjuvant therapy.

She added that the hospital also offers Magnetic Resonance (MR) spectroscopy, a non-invasive diagnostic test for measuring biochemical changes in the brain, especially in the presence of tumours.

“These are specialised imaging procedures that only an MRI machine of this quality can perform. This is aside from other imaging functions such as CINE imaging, angiography, cardiac imaging, diffusion tensor imaging, amongst a host of others.

“We believe that with this new addition, patients can be assured of accurate diagnosis, which is the core of quality healthcare services.”

In his remark, the hospital’s public relations officer, Mohammed Abubakar, stated that Nizamiye Hospital upgrades its medical facilities in line with best global practices.

” The hospital understands the strategic importance of accurate diagnosis, hence the resolve to upgrade our medical facilities periodically, and in line with global best practices.”