That is how last week, I said my mind about my mummy and her latest move. I knew she would not take it lying low. That is mummy for you. She has sent in her response, and I beg you all to read and see her position.

‘My son, no vex, you are right, yes at 75 years of age, nothing will please me more than to relax and enjoy my celebrity status, attend events in eye-popping outfits and so on, but when a very driven digital governor like Senator Professor Ben Ayade comes along with such verve and a vision that will lift my people and state out of perennial poverty, I am left with no option than to support him. Cross River State has had to bear the brunt of many economic setbacks, the loss of our oil fields, then more poignantly to me personally was the ceding of Bakassi to Cameroon. In my position as a leader, it is incumbent on me to do all in my power to ameliorate the hardship my people are going through. In doing this, I don’t mind being occasionally misunderstood by people who do not feel the pinch. What you described as mimicry is what I know as the solution to my state’s perennial struggle with poverty and underdevelopment. Industrialization holds the key to unlocking the vast potential of my people and state. I therefore will not hesitate to do all that I can to promote it, which is why I accepted to be the Cross River State Ambassador for Industrial projects, even at the risk of being mocked by less discerning pundits. By the special grace of God, over the years I have amassed tons of goodwill both nationally and internationally and I believe now is the time to put it to good use on behalf of my state. I fully intend to give this assignment my best, as I see it as the only path to the economic liberation of my people.

In the meantime, let me assure you that our Lagos-based ‘social mother and son relationship’ is intact. In fact, I will be instructing my chef to give you an extra helping of snails and smoked fish each time you visit Echoes of Calabar in Lagos. Sosongoeyinmni.
Well you see the risk we take for Nigeria. At least, my afang has not been threatened. Mummy naOsa and Ajanaku push me. I will send their pictures for necessary action. Thank you.