Again, Imo PDP Tackles Uzodinma


• Says Imo Bleeding due to his incompetence
Tobi Soniyi

The Peoples Democratic Party, Imo State, has said that Imo State governor, Hope Uzodinma should be held responsible for the lawlessness now reigning in the state.

In a statement issued by its Publicity Secretary, Mr Ogbadu Nwadike, PDP said the lawlessness reigning in the state derived from the failure of the state government to live up to the irreducible minimum of securing life and property.

PDP said: “We expect Uzodinma to rise to the occasion. But rather than do that, the governor is busy beating about the bush. He is grandstanding rather than showing humility.”
The party said Uzodinma should be embarrassed that unknown gunmen could seize a state for several hours without any response from the security agents
“The impression this creates is that there is no government in the state”, the party added.

PDP said that Uzodinma gave himself away when he said that he got security report on the incident but refused to act on it.

PDP said: “What could be responsible for Uzodinma’s action? This is curious, to say the least. It is really worrisome that rather than work towards restoring the peace that he destroyed, Uzodinma is busy searching for scapegoats.”
PDP asked the governor to ponder on why a state that was peaceful before he was declared governor suddenly became a killing field under his watch.
The party said: “Rather than be humble in failure, the governor is cooking up conspiracy theories. He wants the world to believe that the mayhem that the state witnessed and is still witnessing is being sponsored by politicians.
“As a responsible political party, we take exception to this insidious attempt to drag innocent people into the mess he created. As a matter of fact, PDP in the state is aware of schemes being perfected by Uzodinma to drag the leadership of the party and His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha into the Imo crisis.

“For Uzodinma who has failed in his desperate search for legitimacy, this is his own way of trying to worm himself into the heart of the people. But the wicked scheme is bound to fail.”

The party accused Uzodinma of insensitivity when he threatened “to unleash security agencies against the people he was supposed to govern. Threatening to crush one’s own people is not only insensitive, it is a sign of weakness.”

The party said Uzodinma had failed to show leadership and had abandoned governance in preference for imaginary pursuits.

It said: “We invite Uzodinma to come to terms with reality. And the reality of the situation is that Imo is boiling owing to absence of good governance. The army of unemployed youths in Uzodinma’s Imo constitutes a time bomb. Uzodinma should be concerned about this rather than chasing shadows.”