Grass-to-Grace Story of Greg Uanseru, Clocks 61 Soon


Some folks are born to live a good life with a silver spoon as proof of their status. Others are Saturday’s children who, as Countee Cullen captured in a poem, “cut their teeth as a black racoon for implements of battle.” Greg Uanseru is a case in point: the man started from the bottom and rose steadily until he could trample the sky. Soon to be 61, Uanseru has set many precedents in the Nigerian society, a quiet and happy billionaire.

Among the oil merchants that make up the list of the Nigerian wealthy, Greg Uanseru occupies a special position. A brilliant man, on all accounts, Uanseru has on the success coat of many colours, with hard-working brown and persistent green. His story of ascending beyond the limits of heritage, talent and association sets him apart from his peers and establishes him as one who escaped the cycle of the earth and sky on his own terms.

For those who have read about him before, it is no longer news that Greg Uanseru built his company from his acquired knowledge and experiences over time in relatively humble job positions. Before the man we all know today as the president and CEO of Greg Continental Agency (GCA) Energy Limited came to be, he worked as an ordinary cabin crew of Nigerian Airways. After this time, perhaps from seeing the other side of life, Uanseru geared up and began taking bolder steps. Not long after, he founded his company, and it has continued to grow ever since.

Most people came to know Greg Uanseru during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was one of the first to assist underprivileged Nigerians in bearing the pandemic’s burdens, distributing palliatives and relief materials. His decision saved many lives and inspired his peers to do the same. At 61, Greg Uanseru has touched many, many lives. And yet, it is the fact that he keeps such a low profile that endears him to some folks.