How Uche from Bolt is Building Trust with Customers

How Uche from Bolt is Building Trust with Customers

As the saying goes, “Customer is King”. In the last few years, forward-thinking brands have realised the importance of keeping customers happy and treating them right. They have also developed a significant concern for creating great customer experiences. Brands are now investing in long-term relationships and personalised experience across customer journeys while prioritising consistent communication.

In a report titled, “The New Reality customer”, globally, consumers believe they will be living very differently in the foreseeable future due to the pandemic. They feel more vulnerable, less secure, and less in control than ever before. They expect the brands they have to interact with – digitally or, as lockdown eases, physically – to deliver better, safer, and more seamless interaction and resolutions at lower cost, as 90% of consumers regard resolution as their most important customer service issue.

Stepping up to deliver safer and interactive services in Africa, Bolt, a leading mobility platform with more than 30 million users in over 35 countries across Europe and Africa, has consistently added new and emerging trends to its range of solutions in Nigeria across other countries in Africa. Bolt is genuinely committed to building the best service for riders and drivers while leveraging global best practices with technology and innovation, and “Uche” has been a constant in the push for excellent customer interaction.

Prior, ride-hailing innovation identified the interaction between a driver and a rider, enabling them to order rides to their preferred destination with a smartphone or via the web app. However, a third party who serves as an informant and relationship builder for both parties is the humanly Uche, making travel more interactive and making the brand more consumer-friendly.

The friendly “Uche from Bolt”, who is in the habit of helping riders and potential riders move around their cities affordably and conveniently, has gained many Nigerians’ hearts with consistent yet heartfelt emails. To many, Uche is that friend who checks upon them. Resulting from the unwavering consistency, he has been able to pass timely information about discounts, campaigns and fun things to do in the city to riders without being intrusive.

Furthermore, setting the stage for experiences and relationships with customers via a personality that resonates with their target audience, Uche has reached customers by engagement and interaction that brings humanity into the business.

These types of customer experiences keep customers engaged and happy whether they are loyal and frequent riders or just finding out about Bolt for the first time.

Ultimately, Uche has made life easier because he is relatable and reflects people because of his humility and some-what quirkiness he exudes.

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