Esther Nnamdi-Ogbue Dazzles Corporate World with New Books


Esther Nnamdi-Ogbue is called a boardroom boss by those who know her very well. But she is not called so for the fun of it. Many say it is a very apt description of her.

To further assert her place in the nation’s corporate world, she is set to launch some books targeted at business leaders, entrepreneurs, top management executives, and new entrants to the field.
According to her, the books will help the aspiring boardroom leaders learn from the wealth of experience she has gained over the years.

She further disclosed that top management executives and new entrants to the field would also find the books a good companion.

“At a time when the playing field has drastically changed, and the effects of the pandemic ravaging all aspects of life, it is essential to have guidance in building or reinforcing leadership in business or the corporate world.

“The answers needed to move from the boardroom to execution, build team spirit, increase client base, gain visibility and significance are contained within the pages of these books,” she added.

Nnamdi-Ogbue is a multi-level leader and skilled expert with over 17 years’ boardroom experience.
As a trainer and leadership coach, she works with individuals, professionals, corporate leaders, organisations, and governments to become the effective leaders they truly desire and deserve to be.

Her desire to help raise borderless leaders across several sectors is the reason she has written the books, which would be available to the public next month.