Tayo Sobola Exhibits ‘Clean Stitches’ Brand


By Tosin Clegg

Actress and entrepreneur, Tayo Sobola recently held a media exhibition of her Clean Stitches wears in Lagos. It was an evening of expository with the media who engaged her in a session coordinated by the Publisher of City People Magazine, Mr Seye Kehinde. After a long toll of questions and answers, there was a runway display of her wears which was relayed by a few models before she finally came to do a final showdown herself alongside the models on the walk way.

The pieces were of different designs, styles and class which reflect a cross section of her intended clientele.

Speaking about juggling acting and running her business she said, “There is time for everything and I want to believe that whatever you want to do, you create the time for it.

Some people send me messages sometimes and ask why they haven’t been seeing me in movies and all but the truth is I map out my plans and so sometimes, I choose to film this month and do like two to three jobs. But trust me, this clothing thing takes time except you don’t have vision for it and you just don’t want to do it. Staff can be funny too but so it’s best to create time for everything you do in life.”

Sotayo also opened a new branch of her business in Abuja to take care of her growing customers and also help expand her business across her growing network.