“Nigerian Youths Must Embrace Entrepreneurship”


By Oluchi Chibuzor

The Chief Servant of Pentium Ministries worldwide, Apostle Ausbeth Ajagu has tasked Nigerian youths to rise and achieve their destinies through entrepreneurship and leadership.

This, according to him, would require them to exhibit willingness to learn, humility, fear of God, discipline and hardworking for the service of their families, community and country.

He stated this during an interactive session with journalists in Lagos, recently, ahead of their programme tagged ‘Dinner with the King’ as part of the One Billion souls for Jesus Christ project.

“Everybody is on a divine assignment on the earth, you must be willing to learn, give up your right for the service of the nation, family, community and for your own. You must make sure you do not run another person’s race; how do you know your race, wisdom and those who lack should kneel down and pray to God.

“So if you know you are on divine assignment you will know your purpose and run with it, that means you will not pursue wealth by fire-by-force because that may be detrimental to you; beg God to show you your role and you pursue it vigorously.

Having founded the Academy for Entrepreneur Studies (AES) about 25 years ago where people are trained to discover their talent, gifts and to run with it, noted that if added to entrepreneurship through hard work would bring out the finest quality in them.

“The greatest mistake you will make on earth is to run another person’s race and if you do not know your race you failed abinitio. So we deal on mindset, which is the most important thing. When you have the right mindset you will be able to navigate towards the direction God wants you to go.”

On leadership failure in the country, he believes that leadership is about service, as who wants to lead must first serve but attested that it is bestowed on people by God.

“Leadership starts from the home, family members and that is why the devil attacks families. But that notwithstanding, is also about selfless service to others before itself. Because if you do not serve you will not be able to lead others and this is by doing the right thing.

“Not taken to vengeance, crime, evil and so you need to have the mindset first. This can be entrenched from the family values not self aggrandisement, boastfulness, vain glory as bible records that God exalt the humble. So if you are humble you will be taken and if you are proud you will be put down,” he stated.

Speaking on the upcoming programme from 2nd to 3rd April 2021, he hinted: “anybody that will attend this programme will have 50 percent discount if they want to join the academy for training, membership. Although the academy is optional, as a member you will be trained on entrepreneurship and leadership which is for life.”