Ayo Adebanjo

You see, you have to be very careful when you attempt a critique of Baba like this o. It can be tricky o because if daddy vexes like this, kai, you will just be wetting your bed or you will gum on the wall, and no amount of deliverance will save you o. But let me take the risk. Daddy has been quoted as saying that Buhari will not hand over to Tinubu and that Buhari is just deceiving Tinubu, and Tinubu does not know it. I say not true. How can you speak so authoritatively about something you are not even sure of? Me, I know that Buhari will hand over to Tinubu. I know that one very well. They are very close o. You don’t know. Me, I know.

I swear, ask Femi Adesina, and he will tell you that they are very, very, very close. In fact, I was passing thru on a tourist visit to Aso Rock when I overheard Tinubu asking Buhari exactly how MKO was asking IBB that will you hand over to me. Don’t let me go and embarrass myself o. If you know you will not hand it over to me, tell me now let me go and join Seyi’s company and build the biggest outdoor board company in Lagos, at least that one I get the experience. Buhari was very upset.

I was there o. Ayo Adebanjo was nowhere near there. He must have been tending to his lafun and ewedu since he can no longer be indulging in the other room. Buhari was very upset with Tinubu for not trusting him. He put one finger on his tongue, brought it out, put it in his armpit and faced the sky and said, ‘I swear’ and Tinubu apologised to him for not trusting their friendship. So for the 62nd time, Buhari swore to Bola that he will be his Biden and that he has nothing to fear. So if you drive past Bourdillon today, you will see only one patrol van because they have all packed to Abuja in preparation. So let’s all be talking with facts, abeg. Thank you.